Friday, September 18, 2015


Obviously this is a planet that needs a name. I propose Boabdil.
While i am at it, i want to start calling 2014 MU69, Therion.
Still seriously nameless: 2002 AW197, 2007 OR10 (unless "Snow White").


"The camera has spoken, and before it tongues and pens are powerless. No instrument hitherto devised has been a thousandth part as effective in the creation and propagation of instant myths..." --The Infernal Grove

Beta Pictoris b in motion.

Anagrams of "transneptunian": turnip antennas, stern nun pinata, nine pun tantras, insane punt rant, i unsnap entrant. Anagram of "uudenvuodentina": a dune duvet union. Anagrams of "molybdomancy": cymbal monody, clammy nobody, my candy bloom.

A Calendar for 55 Cancri f aka the "Purple Broccoli Moon" or Veedu (not so much Uca). A good illustration.

(via Josh Burdick photography via thescoopblog via facebook)

The name Tekton has been proposed for 2002 AW197.

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