Monday, October 05, 2015

mothman oodoolay

(ruins of Merv, via wondermondo)

Dankness instrumentalized.

"Carl Theodor Dreyer's 1932 film Vampyr presupposes such a reality coexistent with our own, pushing and pulling against the grain of the ordinary; a reality in which death permeates every cubic centimeter, warping light into darkness and suffocating every vestige of hope, a reality as porous as dream and as terrifying." --Blake Collier writing on Mockingbird

New Venus thread.

"The blind need eyes, not light." --Salih of Merv (quoted by Jung, i think--or maybe here)

Lovecraftian Lucretius.

(from nasa via boingboing)

A copy of the 2015 Best American Poetry, with its now-notorious "yellowfaced" entrant. I am more excited by the mention of a "sonnet-ghazal" (i have written) in the intro.

BL Lacerta page with many samples.

My didgeridoo story. A correspondent in the 80s sent me a cassette which included some didgeridoo music. This fascinated me, not least because i could subsequently find scarcely any mention of the thing anywhere. --And then, somewhat later, i had been contacted to find a performance venue for some travelling improvisatory musicians who were coming to Dallas. I found a house, & contacted as many people as i could. So we were sitting there beginning, when in walked: one didgeridoo. Two didgeridoos. Three didgeridoos.


Propaganda, or propaganda lite?

Disappearance of Gertrude Beasley.

Reading: a cli-fi noir (Depth), set in a New York City where the ocean covers everything up to the 20th storey or so. Occasional satirical touches (reminiscent of Grey--that is, Jon Armstrong's!), such as pseudo-cigarettes that clear up your sinuses, make your teeth whiter, but are just as addictive as the old kind. Also, in the "mainland United States" it's a federal offense for women to wear pants...

The Trouble with Physics.

all things we know
but how to die
victors long ago
all things we know

let the darkness grow
in a wild sky
all things we know
but how to die



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