Friday, October 16, 2015

oh vivid pose

The Typewriter Revolution.

"I'm not chasing the themes, the themes are chasing me!" --Dado, in: Peppiatti, Interviews with Artists 1966-2012


"Not the least proof of Poe's genius is that he abandoned this genre of writing as soon as he had mastered it. --CAS, on detective stories" --@MrKittyFluff

Ecstasist of the pwoermd.

"Poem Written by Electric Light"

And I do not after all
Know so much about
This dark business of
Belonging to the future.

And Cassilda will have sung
And I will know little more
Than the patter of raindrops
Soft on my windshield.

The shadows lengthen
In Carcosa.
Shell casings
Scatter the playground
And the city's not rebuilt

That the superstorm shattered.
In the morning we get up
Before it is even light,
Peer through boarded-up windows

To see if it's safe.
Of course it's not safe.
And Cassilda will have sung
In the raw darkness

Not calling to us
But calling through us
To leave this wreck of today,
Its foolish expenditures

Of flesh, of spirit;
Our car breaks down and
We refuse to walk away
From a fast approaching train

And what would it take to go?
Maybe only to
Hear Cassilda sing
And not be afraid.

Le Voyage. Reissued.

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