Friday, October 23, 2015

beelzebub's bulldozer

(Ida Lupino via @selfstyledsiren via @HarryStephenKeeler)

Ill Bethisad.

Though these intelligent predators no longer took an active part in killing their food, they still relaxed by watching nonstop depictions of slaughter & violence; they could not imagine a story without violent conflict; & their only concept of peace was a quiet battlefield where one side has annihilated another.

Perloff on Loy's Anglo-Mongrels.

(via Ken Halbroeder on Fb)

"In the end, it is the mystery that lasts, and not the explanation." --Sacheverell Sitwell via @MrKittyFluff

"The inmost scholar on the hot race muses."

"I consider Volapuk to be a Steampunk language." --someone on the Conlang Listserv

The Tablets, part I.

Relativistic acceleration equations. (I spent the summer after i graduated from high school figuring this out.)

An interview with Andrew Drummond.

"I remember evacuating for Katrina, stuck in a traffic jam at 3 AM the Saturday before it hit, and listening to the local AM station take calls from people who were on the fence about evacuating. (The year before, the city had emptied out for a false alarm, and a lot of people who had evacuated from what turned out to be a gusty sprinkle were reluctant to do it again.) We were somewhere in the Florida panhandle, but the reception was crystal clear...this was WWL, "The Big 870," transmitting at 50,000 watts across the South.

Finally, after the nth call from someone with the means to evacuate but not the inclination, the meteorologist blew up:

"Listen to me, this isn't like last year. This is one of the strongest, most aggressive storms I've ever seen. For all intents and purposes, this isn't even a's a tornado the size of the Gulf Of Mexico and it's headed right for us. You want to know what to do? Here it is: get in your car, tune to this station, and start driving north. When you can no longer get our signal, it should be safe to stop." --Ian A.T. on Metafilter



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