Friday, October 30, 2015

iguana tangle

"The business of magic in our time is not so much to affect event as to compel ontology." --Charles Stein

Dies Irae.

"An imaginary planet has a role like a clown in Shakespeare." --Vonnegut

Flannery O'Connor: the cartoons.

("Pluto" by Thomas Woodruff)

Best movies about the Cold War.

The impossible is our purest mirror.

Kings in Yellow (including mine).

"By hand-setting and letterpress printing each of Borges' footnotes, I continued the exploration of printed matter and duplication; I was making hrönir. The book also includes a set of AZERTY translated footnotes that are the result of the confounding Dutch keyboard. All of the translations were created by watching Dutch- and Flemish-subtitled American television shows." --Abra Ancliffe

(via anthropocenes-imaginaries tumblr)

"I think Forgotten Languages may be a group which is trying to train themselves to read any language, in any alphabet on Earth..."

"Esperantujo (Esperanto-Land, or the Esperanto speech community) could certainly be counted as an anti-society..." --Ralph Dumain

"Vernon Sullivan was a pataphor, an 'extended metaphor that creates its own context,' or as its inventor Pablo Lopez put it, 'that which occurs when a lizard’s tail has grown so long it breaks off and grows a new lizard.' ."



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