Monday, December 07, 2015

any angry herald



"By this time sound films had arrived on the scene, and because Dreyer opposed the use of subtitles, he arranged to have Vampyr filmed in three separate languages: English, French, and German. To accomplish this and to satisfy his requirements for linguistic authenticity, he had all the dialogue scenes filmed in three separate versions, one for each language, even though the resulting sound tracks for the dialogue were not captured synchronously, but were later dubbed in each language. Then all these separate dialogue scenes had to be spliced back into the main body of the film, so that they were all in synchronism with the rest of the sound track. After the production was complete and some sections of the film were censored by the German authorities, Dreyer then had to go back and carefully edit all three versions of the film, so that they all remained in synch." --The Film Sufi

" I wonder about how late capitalism sustains these studios inhabited by people who gently probe its logic by tapping at Apple computers, and why Bloomberg is so keen to underwrite bleached hagiographic videos about them."

"...there are feelings for which we do not have words. There are emotions for which we have no words. But the results from Wierzbicka's research is even more radical: there are speakers from a certain language that do have emotions that speakers of another language do not."

"Shakespeare's genius (which was his craft) was to make a spectacle of the breakdown of religious tradition and the rise of rational authority. His most famous plays animate the ordeal. It goes on today. This is why they resonate. This is why they entertain. To make entertaining art out of such comedy and such distress demands more than noise and hack work." --This Space blog

(by Kamisaka Sekka, via au dot timeout)



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