Thursday, August 31, 2017

the old man & the sea cucumber


Glory years.

bone-weary days
i turn away from the news
the old bands
still touring
my old games
shorn of outcomes
the number doesn't work
that should always work
the sun should have been here
by now

A Conversation with Spirits Inside the Simulation of a Coast Salish Longhouse.

(via In Search of Pagan Hollywood)

Port of Dallas.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

army of sorrow

Dev2.0. (via Bobby Beeman on Fb)

And what account should i render
Of these glad-misspent hours?
Of cereal boxes torn
Because they would not open
Moving crabwise through utter dark
From time to time i made notes
I saw from afar great things break
And smaller things closer up
I am little readier to explain
I did not make use
Of the friends i found
Or the fugitive beauties
I was a hard-working slacker
Only when the time came
For vehemence
Of verbal excoriation
Did i seem to wake
Look around & find wanting
This not yet shattered earth

Stalin returns to Prague.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

why zebras don't torture each other to death

Carmina Burana from Bangkok.

dream of having servants
such inroads on my time
from this shade of light

Sag mir, wo die Blumen sind?


Monday, August 28, 2017

dangerous candy

(arthropleura via)

"We find that in the right conditions, Proxima B could have liquid water on its surface and could be habitable."

"At Pest Control we can take off time for funerals, but when they come at the rate of one or two a week, Mrs Santiago starts noticing disapprovingly." --Rat Bohemia

"I got a picture of a popular road in houston. Thats ova 15ft from ground to the sign board..."



Sunday, August 27, 2017

remnant cats

tree lying in the road
back up & go around
shrouded moon
monarchs on their rounds
orange & black in the pouring rain

"Even though the triune brain is a complete fiction, it’s had an outstanding public relations campaign."

"Something in the winter knows my name" --The Carpenters, "Top of the World"

(photoshopped NASA via That Oregon Life on Fb)


Saturday, August 26, 2017

flowers for alderaan


Gab tarn, i doom Maya, dote taco,
     libel afar, on-
ward poor tamale lama troop draw
     no rafale bilo-
cate today, ammo Odin, ratbag.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

a clench they'd tow

Total Eclipse.

"Mirrored like vapour mazed with meteors" --Trumbull Stickney

"When Gehring injected Mouse PAX6 into fruit fly embryos, the resultant fruit flies had eyes all over where they had been randomly injected, but these eyes were fruit fly eyes, not mouse eyes."

Mapleshade sanguine
spiralling clyte
relentless as the fall adorning Westciv

psalmody ramified ink
against dust film and fetters aspire
sporadic mission

brinksmanship managed plenty
all willed into agonist sculpture
cloud cyborg

still feverishly bringing better clinkers
festooned angst
as flicker tech is ascian

malware tsar story

Barefoot in the Head. (I found & read on a bus across Europe.)

(by Edward McGuire on Fb)


Thursday, August 24, 2017

killing o'reilly

My first shipment of Eclipse Canes should be arriving today or tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

how detect a lynch

The Pound Error.


the gardens
have fallen into neglect
no more a fond gaze burdens
the gardens
not only this season saddens
with its lapse of cause & effect
the gardens
have fallen into neglect

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

february 26, 1979

pale moth on a dark wood floor
a chip of the ruby

death by pirate satellite
the future, uncanny quartz

roosting clouds in blithe grammar
a day to say snow

traffic jam in aorta
likewise in the sky


Monday, August 21, 2017

the day the klan cried


ofrendo el libro

How to pronounce "antifa".

"To tell the truth, drink seemed the only protection against the lacerations of his mind, now that he was back in New York, his foot rocking away once more on the much touted ladder of success. At this time the famous ladder was propped against nothing and led nowhere, and anyone foolish enough to make the world his oyster was courting ptomaine; yet the ladder tradition was still observed, and until the flames reached them young people were still found going through the motions of climbing." --Dawn Powell, A Time to be Born (1942)

noise engravings
remember and marble these
clouds love God
open his efforts
was all my metals
the two
high in what the dead ache
and marble these


Sunday, August 20, 2017

a lacerate-insulting lotto

thunder in a bright room
whoosh of tires on wet roads
fountain in the rain
Crossing the River glyphs

it seems that i have ever walked
darkly in darkness
mapped without relation
taught myself imperfectly

thunder in a bright room
no morge morge no morge
whoosh of tires on wet roads
no morge morge no morge


Saturday, August 19, 2017

optical scrims

Sometimes the candy bar does not want to leave the chrysalis.

The Man Underneath.

"In fantasque enormous eyes I nest" --Howard W Bergerson


Friday, August 18, 2017

the last fair vendor

    (for Michael Simms)

a german that's no more real to them
      than a cartoon flag
ordered these conspirators to be
      hanged by wire nooses
--slice through flesh & bone, through flesh & bone

parades are pretty, uniforms hot;
      man, the weaponry--!
better than any toy: all you need
      is your own pale hide
--slice through flesh & bone, through flesh & bone

& hope in the heartland has perished
      save for delusions
of past glory, present pride, future
      mad restorations
--slice through flesh & bone, through flesh & bone

rush & o'reilly & fox tell you
      just whom you should blame
certainly not the CEOs who
      outsourced the good jobs
--slice through flesh & bone, through flesh & bone

olive-skinned jesus on the chatboards
      found but grown child-men
angry & bewildered & pile up
      halfwit consensus
--slice through flesh & bone, through flesh & bone

social justice warrior jesus
      might have time for you
& your weaponized ignorance but
      this poet does not
--slice through flesh & bone, through flesh & bone

i saw the nooses at plötzensee



Thursday, August 17, 2017

We marinate watermelon for the bisons and the elk


How final are the vain regrets
though they be few, & hard to hold;
blank bowlers in those mad Magrittes
--how final. Are the vain regrets
teachers, clues, mere plumbous ingots?
Kernels anyway, stern-hulled:
how final are the vain. Regrets
though they may be, few & hard to hold.


Why is it neo-nazis are always people who would have been the first to be eliminated under a real nazi eugenicist regime?

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

sub la ponto

"I get a sense of Phillips’s musical sensibility when, as we chat, he places on the table a special hourglass that he commissioned. Its blue sand takes precisely four minutes 33 seconds to fall – a homage to John Cage’s silent piece of music of the same duration."

"This was a time of waiting, of marking time till ready, of not knowing what to expect or what to want either for yourself or for the world, private triumph or failure lost in the world's failure." --Dawn Powell, A Time to be Born (1942)

Dennis Cooper on Kristeva.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017


"...the world goes to shambles in the murky corners of night, and we trust a little bell to set it right again." --Jedediah Berry, The Manual of Detection (2009)

"I don't believe a word of it, and neither should you."

heart only beats once a
thimble textured moon
qua spitsticker thump
from a new pothole opened

the gradual tattering
of a bookmark
on its spiral path

ordalic minifridge
my eyes lost
in the sky's details
for a precious second

"The tragedy of writing was that its hiding place was its habitat, those secret and inaccessible desert places we seek to violate, like tombs, for miracles we'd have but can only blaspheme in the touching." --Alexander Theroux, Darconville's Cat (1981)


Monday, August 14, 2017

rabbit proof philosophy

Archie vs Predator.

God loves sherbets
silver in the waterproof death
excited moon even at his discretion
no cold yew to export overnight

concatenation doing Panzer
against red Meissen efforts
Waterloo dense in spring
eyes a meathook

and sweet now set
roosting clouds in arms
no protection skirts turning
blue face or grid exhausted
you'll never get to heaven if you
drive like that
did your mentors tell you how to
a Democrat


Sunday, August 13, 2017

impurest vent

Allegiance to a tort insult.

thinking through the Cthulhucene:
pirate crew, the Cthulhucene

vaster than empires, more obtuse
& vainly we brew the Cthulhucene

each of us contrives alone
in masses through the Cthulhucene

cascading tragedies impinge
but lend no clue: the Cthulhucene

Graywyvern tried to tell but you
already knew the cthulhucene

Black illumination.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

hangman inly

pinnacle tower
with an unyielding backwards scoriac flow
recants stye

rogue swarm perhaps or swerve finalized
start whisper rampage unless
bubblewrap and hyaline

pitfall · nether flume adorn district
and against
abatement raster

scorn skewwhiff tweak sad from education as
is Icarian
wonk grimace finding later

eclipsed offering slowly folding
aware frozen seeming · Acropolis dank
and starving

aspire ostiole stammer
by best brogue

King David and the Spiders from Mars.


Friday, August 11, 2017

frater etarf

waiting to see
while the midnight minutehand quivers

attempting normalcy
waiting to see

in peeks from out our frangible fantasy
no spark of thought delivers

waiting to see
while the midnight minutehand quivers


Thursday, August 10, 2017

effects of mountaintop removal

An exchange on Languagehat:

"All languages can sound beautiful in the right context, except Danish."

"Oddly, I have the opposite problem: I find the sound of Danish charming, I’m just not convinced it’s a language."

Arcaicam Esperantom.

"The initial impact would dig a hole 20 miles deep, and 120 miles across. Deep rock would rise as high as the Himalayas, and then collapse to form the observed impact ring, all within 10 minutes. The impact fireball would kill everything within a 600 mile radius. A shock wave would spread out through the solid earth, and a monstrous tsunami through the oceans. The atmosphere would have seen hurricane force winds, and rock condensing in the upper atmosphere would produce a rain of tiny glass spheres, such as those still preserved in the mudstone boundary layer. The glowing hot rockdust would generate heat several times greater than that coming from the Sun, roasting to death all surface animal life up to a distance greater than a thousand miles, and starting firestorms in the vegetation." --Paul Braterman at 3quarksdaily

"In Turkish, for instance:


It's a single word. It means: Are you one of those people who we tried to convert to take care of themselves better but failed to do so?


Wednesday, August 09, 2017

devils in distress

Tuesday, August 08, 2017


(pic by geof huth on fb)

"Above all, I didn’t want the blood of my friends on my hands should anything go wrong."

assured paraclete sweeten the taste
tsunami is but
bring fetal

addiction spate battering
bring a scalprum sling
better atone zedonk astatine

away beck
kettlesome stars been snaky

stone wharf meal
strictly rabble psalms

"What was remarkable was not the Supreme Court's eventual reaffirmation of what were really quite settled principles, but that the Supreme Court decided to hear the case at all."

(big town mall via)


Sunday, August 06, 2017

the lion the witch & the warthog

Eight Six. Before.

"Silence is forever being broken, and then like waves lapping over the footprints, the sandcastles and washed-up shells and seaweed, silence rises again." --Rebecca Solnit

Best albums to come out of China in 2017 (so far).


Friday, August 04, 2017

alone but not yet the wombat cries

We should have to put the ugliness of war in all our books, if we wanted to do justice to reality.

War on borrowers.

Oregon Blue
bluer than cobalt blue
appearing now
but not a sign

neither deliverance
nor harbinger of woe
in this development

of a pigment
hitherto unknown
Oregon Blue

when all the sky is gray
will be something to show
to the children
& say

this was once ours

Zachary Dodson (Bats of the Republic) quoted in a Helsinki design magazine.



europan ice wolves

Chinese math rock: if Gentle Giant were the Beatles.

"Nothing bad can happen to or in a place called Santa Barbara..."

the new black maps are ready
your eyes cannot hold them
for all of you standing patiently in line
you will go home empty handed & like it

the new black maps have been printed
just to give your lostness a name
& to tell you ev'rything you ever wanted
has been placed on infinity layaway plan

the new black maps replace the old black maps
that were found to be far too helpful
& often gave the citizens using them
a sublt sense of accomplishment standing there

these are the new black maps
we guarantee they will be the last

The vocabulary of smell.



Thursday, August 03, 2017


Wayfinding animated.

About the mid-20c. pre-Confessional poets i wrote: "Their Iliad was Sordello."

Chartres blue, lost or otherwise.

One night it was so slow at the store, i said: "Where is everyone? did they start the impeachment without us?"

Eagle of the 28th Parallel. I saw it myself & was like, WTF!?

turbid caries watch the nest
Nixon days of the small shareholder

standing at Chicxulub
suitcase and guitar in hand

pseudoguvernura klauno
topolect of the limp acrostics

Return of the Woofus.

"Uxdry, uxdry! Mah wah yah--yah wah mah--mah yah, wah ya, yah yah yah--wah wah wah--yah wah wah, mah yah! Re-head--ah-hall--abow--how it!" --@HarrySKeeler


Wednesday, August 02, 2017

a cassette of mc5


"The emergent narratives of Sinofuturism propose an alternate temporality by which to politicize the present. Throughout the 20th century, art, music and literature now assembled under the banner of Afrofuturism sought to decentre the cosmologies of the West by reclaiming the techno-cultural agency of black bodies precluded by Western modernity. In contrast, Sinofuturism – like its Arab cousin, Gulf futurism (as theorized by artists Fatima Al Qadiri and Sofia Al Maria in 2011) – feels less of an emancipatory movement than the timely framing of a geopolitical aesthetic. Just as Gulf futurism describes the vacant hedonism of oil-rich youth culture amongst the glittering spires of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Sinofuturism takes its cues from the LED-lit blur of contemporary China. Both of these joyrides are ambivalent towards utopia, invested only in the abundance of: ‘Where next?’ Crossing the border, Al Qadiri capitalizes on Sinofuturist tropes in her ethereal debut album, Asiatisch (released in 2014 on Goodman’s label, Hyperdub): ‘I got a dragon tattoo on my arm / and I mean to cause you harm.’ The growing aesthetic currency of these weaponized clichés evinces an increasingly hollow Euro-American claim to futurity." --Gary Zhexi Zhang in Frieze magazine

The thing that knowledge cannot eat.

ravishing rest · slash & grab
my therbligations plenty

"In Hao's web-novel, first published in a Chinese online sci-fi message board, China's capital city becomes a 'folded' metropolis, with three separate, parallel social classes occupying the same space, but never interacting or acknowledging the presence of the other."

"Let me help the pundits: Democrats lose elections because the right built a massive messaging infrastructure designed to distort reality." --@peterdaou via @joycecaroloates

The Chinese math rock bands you need to know. "Many of the Math-Rock bands in China are influenced by Toe, American Football at first(who are not?)..."


Tuesday, August 01, 2017

coffee urn burial

The superconducting super collider that couldn't.

Found Don Quixote shelved in the Q's. "Welcome to the 21c." I said.

The Desert Mothers.

a little hurried even so
of the entrance
never of course
to be actually entered
Qosqo diagram
a ballroom
in a balloon
& is gold
& becomes gold
becomes gold
& is gold

Coetzee & Computer Poetry.

(pic by Patricia Golden on Fb)