Thursday, August 03, 2017


Wayfinding animated.

About the mid-20c. pre-Confessional poets i wrote: "Their Iliad was Sordello."

Chartres blue, lost or otherwise.

One night it was so slow at the store, i said: "Where is everyone? did they start the impeachment without us?"

Eagle of the 28th Parallel. I saw it myself & was like, WTF!?

turbid caries watch the nest
Nixon days of the small shareholder

standing at Chicxulub
suitcase and guitar in hand

pseudoguvernura klauno
topolect of the limp acrostics

Return of the Woofus.

"Uxdry, uxdry! Mah wah yah--yah wah mah--mah yah, wah ya, yah yah yah--wah wah wah--yah wah wah, mah yah! Re-head--ah-hall--abow--how it!" --@HarrySKeeler



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