Wednesday, August 02, 2017

a cassette of mc5


"The emergent narratives of Sinofuturism propose an alternate temporality by which to politicize the present. Throughout the 20th century, art, music and literature now assembled under the banner of Afrofuturism sought to decentre the cosmologies of the West by reclaiming the techno-cultural agency of black bodies precluded by Western modernity. In contrast, Sinofuturism – like its Arab cousin, Gulf futurism (as theorized by artists Fatima Al Qadiri and Sofia Al Maria in 2011) – feels less of an emancipatory movement than the timely framing of a geopolitical aesthetic. Just as Gulf futurism describes the vacant hedonism of oil-rich youth culture amongst the glittering spires of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Sinofuturism takes its cues from the LED-lit blur of contemporary China. Both of these joyrides are ambivalent towards utopia, invested only in the abundance of: ‘Where next?’ Crossing the border, Al Qadiri capitalizes on Sinofuturist tropes in her ethereal debut album, Asiatisch (released in 2014 on Goodman’s label, Hyperdub): ‘I got a dragon tattoo on my arm / and I mean to cause you harm.’ The growing aesthetic currency of these weaponized clichés evinces an increasingly hollow Euro-American claim to futurity." --Gary Zhexi Zhang in Frieze magazine

The thing that knowledge cannot eat.

ravishing rest · slash & grab
my therbligations plenty

"In Hao's web-novel, first published in a Chinese online sci-fi message board, China's capital city becomes a 'folded' metropolis, with three separate, parallel social classes occupying the same space, but never interacting or acknowledging the presence of the other."

"Let me help the pundits: Democrats lose elections because the right built a massive messaging infrastructure designed to distort reality." --@peterdaou via @joycecaroloates

The Chinese math rock bands you need to know. "Many of the Math-Rock bands in China are influenced by Toe, American Football at first(who are not?)..."



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