Monday, January 22, 2007

End of Book 5.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hazard chimps lug Barugon
Clown divs push us Barugon

And if folk illusion fails
Still worship toad Barugon

Burning visions assail us
In this soft kiln Barugon

Angry and without good tricks
All always food Barugon
proof for hronir loops
fish crawling spoor noticing waltz loops

follow off plush rot
sculpt an oblong rainbow loops

cloud appalling adult's octopus twistboards
borg sorg hum act · sciamachy loops

fjord and cold
squall Grinchus curb cyborg figuring myrrh loops
shelter from the shelter's whine
   sorrow holds the floor
nothing on that screen is mine
   sorrow holds the floor

nothing works & that's okay
   next to what's in store
forty storms of flak combine
   sorrow holds the floor

sorrow lusts & sorrow howls
   here & at the war
slow Graywyvern pours the wine
sorrow holds
   sorrow holds the floor
mukataba war is loud
that ballad is honor war is loud

shigol latifundia and fragrant drugs
war is loud

labyrinth malls chortling Christmas
wailing Lilith war is loud

Grinchus knows
shadow war is loud
pallid warriors sloop flip · pillbug adorn
twinkling caulk · crisp frop

pillbug · borg
crystal psalm · isthmus flapping

sorrow forward · spools of cloud pillbug
spawn approach pillow clasp blast · abort

pullout · against pallid ads
sordid crawdads · ink

storying swift pillbug · indigo skin slag
pillbug · ink

agonist · acorn
war · bunkum

glowing skin · across crisp silk
tsunami spoils · off briskly dollop

sport apart · pillbug clasp blast absolutist
lull agony obtain · forlorn

crackup again scaly frolic · cyst is staunch
ballot slag spoon ostrich · fallow clout

smog · pillbug
as storm chaos · am

mulch · Tsargrad
afflict glad gallop sprawl · spiral wisp

instinct against Oswald · doldrums prog crawl room
swamp viridian dawnlight
churchmutiny pools

among this bomb squad's top protocols

cars splash from long undraining blood troughs briskly
and furl spills

i would not touch a thing of
all viridian all ruth all gulls
Sorrows in the gloaming taste your heart;
squirrels who scamper madly taste your heart.

In this azury morning doomed to fade,
refugees of conscience taste your heart.

Ghosts amidst vast wreckage stir and chant
praises of the clowns who taste your heart.
shark nativity vaunt chars
lung frost chars

my arrack wind my Turk robin's road
curt nirvana chars

go carolling with wispy Ogpu at dusk
twilight kingdoms Grinch paradox chars
this warmth will not go until
fronds among stark maroon us

this smoky suffocation
until turning winds rock us

with our songs in Carcosa
all toxic flavors glut us

a robot rolls across Mars
as Baghdad bloodbaths drug us
Burqa pandas on bayou gumbo soaring
Ilka night soaring

My song burns
With a zodiac soaring

What mighty diamonds spit narrowly
Obstruction or will fling indigo soaring

Sculpt Grinchus slag cairn
Slag's soaring
a toy B52 · liban troutou thorn
only · Mithridation thorn

throngs · of grout
swift irony · thorn

twinkling cloud god play · solitary
blind scrollwork but · Tsathoggua thorn

atqa accrual · Maban
many stars · daft thorn

scaffold dahusya polygraph · black diamond
wrong word · thorn

a viralata form · links
two potato shotgun and · aurora thorn

its twistboards sing with slag · lush gaunt gold
full youth · of my thorn
An inch horizon churns its shadow land this morning,
and i find but a chary vim to hand this morning.

Car bombs downtown paralyzing root and branch
among impostors God's a burning brand this morning.

Your lilt in troublous days aligns my vagrant yaw;
i finish nomad tracks in Maui sand this morning.

Nidor at a standstill, car still wanting aid,
i hum an impish ditty you command this morning.

For Grinchus found upon alarm invasion jangling
his mind was dight with Kali's hall so grand this morning.
nary scarab frith
nor spook scrupulous lack of faith frith

hollowly rhyparographic my scrollwork
opal frith

and i know but avoid an
audit Grinchus of this scarp rank frith
dark flying sun · aurora lapsing
grow down mutiny drops · thick Samhain lapsing

no plan · swirl
through rapids · music lapsing

tubular · crystal
to you consign all my · pyx lapsing

a day without · or stilb annihilation
Xanadu · lapsing

strong · Grinchus
lifts sloppy ingot · lapsing
landfill hills of today consign thy pumpkin
Samhain consign thy pumpkin

raining dark
abyss music consign thy pumpkin

maroon miasma
Xanadu plain consign thy pumpkin

but lift a glass for Grinchus
to basalt aurora consign thy pumpkin

Saturday, January 20, 2007

arousal lull · birth victim · gulf fnast
twistboards brain and catacombs has · hazaj fnast

swimming · curb
glory logic fnast

Umbrist spur · amongst pallid
folk fulvous doff · squids its logic fnast

gaunt jumpsuits swimming many
storp firm fnast

this ruinous infant light's · convolutions
Grinchus chaos fnast
from Cibola · cicala wind
flows to Ubar · cicala wind

dimming sun · thick liquid mirror
must drown this lamp · cicala wind

an old building burns · from my past
that lavish war · cicala wind

kudzu shorn now · a hilltop inn
t'ward downtown aims · cicala wind
Ishtar portal aroma blogging
blood blogging

polyps flowing raucous night war always at
had yoga blogging

immortal song mouth that glows
with thorn most malign important · wall blogging

Grinchus charts
cicalas blogging
all that falls must land
bound for calcspar land

is our trysting lost
from orgasm land

drowning hungry pool
this tidal turn land

radio scrum dust
now not a sound land

solitary waft
though Grinchus groks land
Azury polka clown oil
rich apricot lion stirious clown oil

Morning rush
black cloud was clown oil

If not now with sanka pumpkin quick
born throb wasabi clown oil

Raucous with
acrostic against Loplop audit clown oil

I foil sinistral
alligator anagram clown oil
musky hyrst unmasking · mimsy and whist crimson
a long slog by slingshot · slamming hymns in crimson

spy dust as a distant · addiction prowls owl-light
and bright Grinchus brunchwards · Plimsoll sips squall crimson

Plimsoll sips squall crimson as gulls spiral
viral unwar flint ghoul

twinkling and livid Algol
sung drowsily gallium

Plimsoll sips murrain ichor
gallop wasp warping Damcar
Touch wary mimosa still
go though it bring fury still

ilka karst is slivovitz
spiralling from Gray's still

lunar unicorns gambol
avariciously, sough still

not only a bard trots drab
gossipy Norns yarn wrath still
Armagordian knot, kiln, dirham.
Carrion crow, calx, dirham.

Battalions of diamonds again shorn parch stomp
lair dirham.

Scouring carrion
Grinchus abort toad dirham.
tuymaq hurls constantly burn
Itzcuintli burn

fraud lamps stand
Grinchus sjambok links in passports burn
what grows from invoking swift laws of · chaos it is shown
what flows from following iron laws of · logic it is shown

how far from that town in which i first · took a count of stars
did i go on foot picking up rocks · for cairn it is shown

how much can grasping hands rip away · from a lavish land
and its birdtalk folk in this burning · rank gulf it is shown

what can a bard who is haggardly · tacking among storms
of clockwork say that's so in lacy · hazaj it is shown
cyst sponsorship patina talk puts
blank faith puts

Calvinist tulip you bring
Python and out Apollo shows karma puts

La Llorona styrofoam
waltz qabbalah puts

cannot go back a raucous
coolth swarm cargo puts
Saffron lurry of a lost art turning.
Dancing lights in my dawn cup dark vap turning.

Ruinous diaspora; our padishah
aborts a war--all from a wind coil turning.

Turpilucricupiditudinous march
through an always changing marsh: in his tomb, Vlad turning.
murk lingo no salvation
is and moon · no salvation

chasm back to Gunnison
in that wood · no salvation

today pours bright burgundy
kylix vugg · no salvation

Ubar stairway and stars a pronoun goaf
thrust practical · sands no salvation

smug unicorns frolic luck's discarding
bulwark ions of no salvation
roads void of cars · blowing dust troops
windows dark · luminous grass troops

from gift flotsam · what do you build
morning paralysis · sign troops

in saffron · lying rainbow moon
madrigal grow · rim star myrrh troops

mutiny · Arcadia blood
Godzilla crystal · stomp bulb troops
Ravens of religion · greet the nightmare years
You and i with faith may · beat these nightmare years
      beat these nightmare years

Gardens turn to desert · desert to battlefields
Melody and musician · are fleet in nightmare years
      fleet in nightmare years

Nomad and householder · each must fadge or steal
their own way to deal with · defeat through nightmare years
      defeat through nightmare years

So many crying children · so many hardened hearts
so many kinds of mindless · retreat from nightmare years
      retreat from nightmare years

But Grinchus still is waging · his magic and his art
Across the luscious labyrinth · concrete and nightmare years
      concrete and nightmare years
      concrete and nightmare years
pachinko Tsargrad · stuff still
Happy Thor · cooks Tokay still

prior to any light · i
sit as lorn · magnolia still

blinding hollow · nor a star
haunts this carious · world still

Friday, January 19, 2007

Naadym Tanzimat · snow furrow
hospital day · for a gray crow

twilight of physics · tomorrow
crystal informs · Orion cry

what frith shall i prog · tomorrow
what my crystal · labyrinth cry

only lamp · a crimson furrow
talk to clouds · or a passing crow

shadows and dark · dominion cry
Naadym dawn · dug i this furrow

augury and cough · haiku crow
among my forms · no tomorrow

twilight of Tanzimat · pilcrow
lunar harg · land of tomorrow

and Grinchus wick short · carving cry
into starfish · and fork furrow
i coil all things running along
and slag all things running along

typical blind to what's out howling
with Vlad all things running along

and in this instant Grinchus holds
through art all things running along
Drill dross magma my brass dogma I am God
path brown runny dogma I am God

polyps for nival plain form many
anvil dogma I am God

parch flap an iv'ry torn proof orb wound spurt plush
and sworn, rubs snirp dogma I am God

stomp punch worn worm Grinch filch important
thwart sylph dogma I am God
I lost someone · at Qana.
I knew no one · at Qana.

Mad dogs and flies · buzzing in
the noonday sun · at Qana.

Grope among · image fragments
as torn sands run · at Qana.

What was it our · swift twinkling
messengers won · at Qana?
Uqbar squats aboard a cry
formulaic cry

no sign from a hiding octopus
but this cry

woosily i drift, only to catch upon
snag coign with a cry
a tart month · martyr
by · martyr

warm · morning
slow moving · clockwork martyr

that dark cloud · afar
which · martyr

bard · Grinchus
at this drab · war no martyr
finicky chav sharav · coign
of nadir · mokita incog

in this abrupt coolth · Pluto
ablution · no ringing ghost coign

talion potlatch · snitch brillig
hip octopus · griffin incog

obsidian thorns throng · Grinchus
clings · Achamoth coign
to dub blank wall Xibalba
ply a yoga Xibalba

this ant spill cup of sugar
slag's aroma Xibalba

await ryotwar bowl now
croon tiki blood Xibalba
So soon we will no longer sleep through storms:
what we would keep, we'll have to keep through storms.

But now it seems like just another weather.
The summer boils. Later we creep through storms.

Causality and magic alike defeat us.
Our destiny lies deep, deep through storms.

A thousand soft derangements stalk the night
and all the ways of harming seep through storms.

This poet knows as one lone ant might know,
bereft of its hill, who must not weep, through storms.
thick · ghost sign
scalding sky · again char roll

is stony · psychic
sign ignoring · indigo tsunami scar

raucous flow · odium sign angry
against issuing skull · dying fall

hasp · sign and scandal · shadowy walking crawl

promptly loop · sloppy claw sign
as is at rolm · ink

lying apart · ask
wynd occult thick sign scout · is sign agnostic

into · sign
ogham only pools · crisp sign against

ogganition sign · unknown
idolatry sign · ugly

solid storm · as full
snap fault ambit · sign is ichor fail

proud crow · fall
pulpit scurry · loot mulct isthmus of glowing

wodwo idiot sign sunk · imago ash
sign agony inchworm wallop · anchor

against brumous · symptoms call
distinct walk Arkikosa
nor Algol Arkikosa

azury slag patchouli
blowback skald Arkikosa

can obsidian light stay
grisly Whig Arkikosa

cardboard mask Grinchus tsantsa
you that rock Arkikosa

vict'ry · psilocybin church
qucaq wraith · risk habitat

spy dust and orphan control
annuity of charcoal

yarons ago now · what's not lost
is this swirling · tug for you

sands will comb · and comb again
across its rock · and argot
Into this sky, this weather, careens a shard
Quizzical, from far-off nebulous times.

If i could wrest the shapes of things ordained,
I would not touch one jot of what was ours.

New struggles rise, undreamt of, far more dire,
And we march forth to meet them as survivors.

Yet what you ask, i grant: and i in turn
Offer that then, i also saw reward.

I learned, which made the one i am; thus happily
Twelve years now well-paired, wish you the same.
A stirring among fathoms
first class crystal of rhythms

it stark accrual carrion
plush Cthulhu algorithms

yoin as wisp accost raucous
ignorant winds and thirl thumbs

fatidic · blood ruin
gars a wight · brood irony

was it · for toxins
do our brook · run

wild · stirious fruit
in this hard · crook rawn

twinkling · finality
smirch · and adroit malign croon noir

Morisco · lurry
hashish · crown iron

so i roam · wanpath
scroll lorn · in brown rain

long musing · a louring
cardboard fogbound · slack brawn nary

plaid boots troll · catwalks
gatling · braid urn

look for a quick · hawk
spiral · drain runny
I travelled far to see the Northern Lights.
A famed volcano veiled them from my view.

Later, i thought i saw a distant city;
unknowingly i had them in my view.

Realm of illusion, teach me when to say
this ruse is real, and not a point of view.
Oracle of my days and kraken of my nights,
secret of no return, you've taken from my nights.

As co-workers talk, not without bitterness,
of war, i think of stars forsaken all my nights.

And under spires, on cobblestones, again i prowl
incredulous how i was mistaken all my nights.

Graywyvern blogs and is not fed; in the garden
where ashes pour, dull sobs awaken long the nights.
trick dinosaur Golgotha
snug doom auditing

crystal carious shootout
in a library

stalwart not a fligging thing
no pink pill matrix

winds of futurity burn
radar glaring storm

in what panic room to stow
this wispy zircon

and for which non-tomorrow
indigo bassoon

through all Golgotha crooning
or bug Ragnarok

i shall ply lungfish down did-
just as any joust

in our always crystal murk
stomp hooch from stop myths
indigo Zontar
night Zontar

this glowing orb of your only grasp this craft
hurls through hazard coils Zontar

burning days of raucous cicada
sprawl a zodiac Zontar

sans arms you
stalk jaguar Zontar

bat-crabs harry and scoriac clouds contort
in a babyrinth of glass Zontar

all you know is howl of scintillant
viridian star Zontar

ordalic palinodist
O Noah rainbow palinodist

gray but possibly not as our mild noon crawls
waltz palinodist

Grinchus trains
vain sciamachy palinodist
Godzilla dizzy · word chill
sanktlibroj · ward chill

and ruinous night · our prowl
thingumbobs · warm chill

gloom of thought · futurity
arms snap · crunch harm chill

rapscallion city · bald scop
crust gallop · harl chill

spiralling snow · raki hood
clutch slag gift · stars hurl chill

frond waving · twinkling cry
Titanic · hull chill
I followed you as you were lost in the mix.
Gravel, and then a gem gets tossed in the mix.

Deserts without landmark, sudden onslaught
of sneak attacks, despair, and frost in the mix.

And what you dream is only what you dream;
nor shall you fathom those you accost in the mix.

Grinchus learned thorns, and sacrificed his rose,
only to find a holocaust in the mix.
dour word road
radiant Carcosa road

so burbling gray and paradox plain waxwing
window diamond road

warmth flows this slight dominating lamp
out owl simply swoop and holy road

swamp happy twinkling individuality
aliquot flubs road

that tarry youth of Grinchus
zonda road
narc carnival · crystal script
jaguar shadow · of my gun

acoustic wasp · crisp anchor
indigo shadow · of my gun

pillbug ivy · falling glass
glass shadow · of my gun

sculpt crunk · typical ashpit
hazard shadow · of my gun

Cthulhu sandstorm · blindly ask
zodiac shadow · of my gun
ammoniacal satrap
grit Satan

a world lit only by Pac-Man and thick flak
through which fathoms spiralling audit

go with a wanion
into catacomb basalt

go and form of this raucous blood din

if i among shards of shadows crawl
shall thoughts act Canopus krill

military wisp
coils out of shoggoth and talisman coral

as Grinchus
drifts past a Zaqaziq kraal
It's this. Darfur has no oil
nor light; Darfur has no oil.

All our words of global cop
abort: Darfur has no oil.

Toss a bawling kid to that
wolf. Darfur has no oil.

Charity dons a mask of
black iron: Darfur has no oil.

Go buy uppity armbands
Hobbit, Darfur has no oil.
I won Gulag Golgotha but · i couldn't stay.
I thrust past ring Ragnarok · but i couldn't stay.

Among high tors in Praha · i found chymick gold
and obbligato · matrix but i couldn't stay.

I thought at last silk harbor · in rainshadow moon
if not diamond zircon but i couldn't · stay.

Pazuzu hid a mountain · java fog and slugs
still my twinkling story but i · couldn't stay.

Tubular jazz and gnomic orchids · Grinchus saw
a sharawadji iynx · storm but i couldn't stay.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Triangulation udmort tamarind wind
hurl did wodwo wind

poison Sunday was raucous hot flash
twinkling hibakusha wind

find Grinchus
a shark argot's wind
Your hamsters still aren't wise. Get with the program.
The day throngs with disguise; get with the program.

We scoot like ants whose nest has been destroyed
and left not even cries: get with the program.

I blur amidst my tasks, i don't know how
this yields such meager prize. Get with the program.

And when the storm falls which is sure to fall
there will be no more lies. Get with the program.
not Kirlian coral blows
stark affliction block my windows

famous mafioso wind
storp high opal moan my windows

his ik bin ibi path twinkling
pillow book my windows

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

dust my lungs with · viridian
burn calcspar with · viridian

hospital lamps · our ruinous
midnight sound with · viridian

horns honk slag falls · a harfang finds
orgasm with · viridian

and Grinchus too · at high Lammas
will mulch turn · with viridian