Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Above us is the burning circle set.
Already we have watched Icarus set.

Upheavals only aid the mad collecting
parasites; reward the rarest set.

Enough of war and passionate destroying,
is any in a huff to create, set?

My soul shall taste the sasquatch of her deen
and be amidst her manxome luster set.

This city teeters, caught between two gasps,--
until the paralytic esters set.

Friday, May 02, 2008

    "Did Not Come Back"

In the roan hour between then & then again, the now, in the Babel
Of a sorrel ship gone horizontal to a prow of night, the breach of owls

Abducted by broad light, but blind, in the crime, the titanesque of rare
Assault--we who have come back--petitioning, from the chair

Electric with bad news, from the stunning, from the narrows
Of an evening gall, from the mooring of an hour slanted on the follow

Bow, she rose from a bed of Ireland like a flyted trout, a shiny
Marvel on the sailor's deck, an apologia--divining--

As once, as at a salted empire port, he washed
Her fleeted body & they lied, the best of them, the cream & crush

Of this, the madrigal & sacrifice of that, the best of them,
The slowest velvet suffocation of their kind, did not come

Whittled back by autumn, at an hour between thorn & chaff,
Not come riddled with oblivion, the crossing & a shepherd's staff,

The moment between Have & Shall Not Want, we who have salt
Always know, that we who have--the best of us--did not come back.

--Lucie Brock-Broido