Tuesday, July 29, 2014

archaic elm report


"I suppose there is such basis for labeling Koons the Most Important Living Artist of the past few decades. A fair enough verdict, providing you happen to believe that that self-blinkered acriticality, market bubbles, thought-killing clichés passed off profound truths, and the habitual recycling of artistic gestures from the recent past are the defining characteristics of the current era." --Our God is Speed.

Fukushima Google Street View.

"15 percent of those who buy physical music formats such as CDs, vinyl records, and cassettes never listen to them—they buy them purely to own." (Quoted here.)

The AKP Twitterbot Army.

"The firearm has replaced the remote control as the choice extension of the central nervous system." --five five five

He knew too much about flying saucers.

Graydawn brief commute, celadon.
Cobalt green no fruit: celadon.

Nothing i take to hand has seemed to last
perhaps because no root, celadon.

Eldritch neighbors that we never see
will be the first to shoot. Celadon.

All the homes are mobled in neglect,
& hyaline to boot; celadon.

Glaze of the lost bright days & not here told
except Graywyvern's hoot. Celadon.

Hidden Aphex self-portrait.

"In 2011, Park said his new fantasy-horror film Paranmanjang (Night Fishing) was shot entirely on the iPhone." (According to Wikipedia.)


Nonchalance thread.

"I feel less of a need to create original material from scratch due to the sheer abundance of material out in the world to work with. The craft is found in the searching, selecting or curating, and editing together of the materials..." --Jon Rafman in Dis Magazine

"We face many challenges on the new savanna."


Monday, July 28, 2014

allergen rummy


(i just like the way "Ithkuil" looks on Russian web pages...)

Finding Evan Ratliff.

(via wikimedia via metafilter)

Aphorisms of Kherishdar.


"Men respond only faintly to the horrors that take place around them, except at moments, when the savage, crying incongruity and ghastliness of our condition suddenly reveals itself vivid before our eyes, and we are forced to know what we are. Then the ground slides away from under our feet. But not for long." --Shestov

"Ernst Haeckel not only coined the term ecology, he also coined First World War. Think about that one: somehow he figured it was the first." --Timothy Morton

The War Works Hard.

"Where shone the floor with coral rich inlaid" --Hoole's Ariosto

Yalta conference.

Evangelical Cockroach.

"...natural languages are amped caveman utility languages suitable to converse about the climate, using material tools, fostering social relationships and so on. They are by no means designed to develop microchips or to consider abstract thought patterns such as contemplating about the definition of certain aspects of consciousness or existence."


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


(pic by John Brosio via boingboing)

"Celan was the skilled practitioner of the art of the Widerruf, the refutation of a given poem (often Rilke’s) by one of his own." So says Katherine Washburn, in the introduction to her translation, Last Poems. The only specific example i am given is the following:

      Hölderlin's "Patmos" (first stanza):

God is near
Yet hard to seize
Where there is danger,
The rescue grows as well.
Eagles live in the darkness,
And the sons of the Alps
Go fearlessly over the abyss
Upon bridges simply built.
Therefore, since the peaks
Of Time are heaped all about,
And dear ones live close by,
Worn down on the most separated mountains
Then give us innocent waters;
Give us wings, and the truest minds
To voyage over and then again to return.

(tr Scott Horton)

(That poem was itself a reply of sorts...)

      Celan's "Tenebrae":

We are close, Lord
Close and within reach.
Seized already
, Lord,
clawed into our selves as though
the body of each of us were
your body, Lord.
Pray, Lord,
pray to us,
who are close by.
Against the wind we went there,
went there to bend
over hollow and ditch.
To drink we went there, Lord.
It was blood, it was
That which you shed, Lord.
It gleamed.
It cast your image into our eyes, Lord.
Our eyes and mouths stand open and empty, Lord.
We have drunk, Lord.
The blood and the image that was in the blood, Lord.
Pray, Lord.
We are near.

(M Hamberger tr)

Clearly Celan means to contrast hard/easy to grasp, mountains/hollows, & water/blood here.

Another that comes to mind is when Marlowe wrote "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" & Walter Raleigh answered it in the voice of the nymph. (Not so unusual, as it turns out, though we only remember this instance.)

Sina Queyras answered Plath's "Tulips", & the reviewer invokes (of all people) Hegel: Aufhebung, or sublation.

It was not unusual for Chinese poets to write a new poem using all the rhymes of another poem (i have done this with Pessoa's English sonnets). Of course, Japanese poetry has honkadori--of which this seems a lesser subset--& allusion in general was important in Latin & Classical Arabic poetry as well. Nowadays, intertextuality has become a standard part of postmodern practice; remakes jostle remakes (including a graphic novel that was written in order to reconcile the inconsistencies of the original Planet of the Apes films); spinoffs, fanfic, mashups & revisionings (e.g. fairy tales--don't get me started--!)abound, almost to the point that what seems exceptional is the solitary text without precedent.

As "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" inhabiting the background of "Hamlet"...Milton's sibling poems "L'Allegro" & "Il Penseroso"...

Another anaglyphic painter.


"A spoken language works

for about five centuries,
lifespan of a douglas fir"

Gary Snyder (via via)

"In many noh plays, the place-names appear more significant than the people themselves.."

Let's go purge.


Monday, July 21, 2014

haiku bin is just

"...this neatly parceled definition of civilization the tyrannous pretension of many founded upon the rebellious efforts of a few..." --William Gaddis

"...he’s managed in a little, inexpensive way to show what it has otherwise taken the United States billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives to demonstrate: that we are slipping into the fever-dream stage of superpowerdom, in a Norma Desmond haze so deep and foggy that we don’t even know any more what we don’t know..."

      "Highway 61 Virginis"

stye, sty, styrofoahspe
O hap, Arapaho
ulcer fodder all
the acid jazz of summer
turbid cahieroglyph
turbulence at the heart of the captain's cabin

Capricorn One--the soundtrack.

Strange Coil thread.

"To be contemporary is to respond to the appeal that the darkness of the epoch makes to us. In the expanding Universe, the space that separates us from the furthest galaxies is growing at such speed that the light of their stars could never reach us. To perceive, amidst the darkness, this light that tries to reach us but cannot – that is what it is to be contemporary." --Agambien, quoted in Forgottenness blog

Atompunk DPRK.


Friday, July 18, 2014

arrant beavers sob

Green Egg & after.

"I suffer from recurrent bouts of nausea in the face of this densely woven tissue of 'arguments,' most of which are nothing but blinds for something else altogether..."

(via architecture of doom tumblr)


"In a paper published in journal Nature this week, three Chinese academics say plan to remove over 700 mountains and shovel debris into valleys to create 250 sq km of flat land has not been sufficiently considered 'environmentally, technically or economically.' " --Stuart Clark writing in The Guardian

"... the uncanny, almost unimaginable allegiance that contemporary accelerationism, left or right, has to make with a future intelligence to-come."

(via electronic intifada dot net)

The Evolution of the Voice in the Digital Landscape.

"I should like to have taken all those lobbyists I saw in the White House with me the afternoon of that day to 'Arlington Heights,' and bade them look there at the thousands of head-stones, gleaming white like the billows of the sea in the sunlight, far as the eye could reach, labelled 'unknown,' 'unknown,' telling the simple tragic story of our national struggle more effectually than any sculptured monument could have done." --Fannie Fern,writing in 1869, in: Ruth Hall and Other Writings (1986)

"The story of man's martyrdom is a sequel to the story of his intelligence, his power of symbolical envisagement." --Suzanne Langer, Philosophy in a New Key (1957)

Animal printheads.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

reabsorb a servant

"He told me once that prose is poetry in the sense that a bird is still a bird when it sits still. And the last image he flung at me, with the glee of a Zen master, his eyes hugging me, his wisdom falling like rose petals from a teacher’s hands was this: 'If you want to break a dog’s heart,' he whispered, 'throw a stone into the sea.' " --Michael Harding on Dermot Healy (via thepagename dot blogspot)

A book of centos.

"She had learned in the cushioned silence that every artist is perforce a politician." --Geoff Ryman, The Child Garden (1989)

"We’re not dark tourists—we’re just interested in what happens in our lives."


Saturday, July 12, 2014

onco, ordinated

Late-stage Lana.

"...before magic despaired, to become religion." --The Recognitions (1952)

The Figurehead.

" 'Calque' is one such loanword; 'loanword' itself, from the German Lehnwort, is also a calque." --Matthew Battles

Celan thread.


  Reading the sutras deep into the night,
      I look up at the dark night sky,
  Listen, all alone, to the cry
      of the distant sea—
  The 1,000 sutras, the 10,000 treatises,
      all but waves blown in the wind."

    --Cho Oh-hyun

Chinese Pagan Black Metal.

"Metal is in large part about a sense of place."

"How could I possibly know that, in the same period, he was also spending time playing chess in London with an almost exact double of Pessoa’s ?"


Friday, July 11, 2014


Rolling coal.

"It was one of those things that are easily seen to be absurd; but even after they are seen to be absurd, they are still there. It may be, after all, that that is the definition of the great things." --G K Chesterton

Three Suns Nosferatu.

"A typesetter, it's said, refused to continue work on the text [of Gaddis's novel] and sought advice from his priest, who told him he was right to desist." --William Gass, intro to 1993 ed. of The Recognitions

Folk Metal thread.


Wind blows over the heart
But the heart is fast in the breast,
So only give a sigh after the wind.
A heart that is pinned to the wind
Turns in the side without rest.

Or if you will bear in mind
The stream and the swan gone,
Scattering from its cold plumage the drops of the foam,
Then liken the heart rather
To the stream sailed of a swan."

--Léonie Adams, High Falcon & Other Poems, 1929

Metallica + Call of Cthulhu.

"Monstrous sauroids transported it in their mouths and deposited it with care." @TweetsOfGrass

There was a fire.

"The events of 9/11 must have caused the planners of Tobu World Square an anguishing dilemma: tear down the twin towers and diminish the impact of the voyage from Japan to the anti-Japan, or leave them standing and invoke a certain dissonance in the minds of the voyagers. They chose to leave them up..." --Spike Japan

"The failure of the political class to inspire mimesis in the rest of society doesn’t mean that mimesis goes away." --The Archdruid Report


Tuesday, July 01, 2014



"No one else ever tried to teach dolphins to speak English again."

"Blue, red, and green are the human primary colors. But the bee primary colors are yellow, blue, and ultraviolet." --Jennifer Frazer

Food pairings.

"The békés were glorious for a while. We know their care by the stateliness, the gaunt handsomeness, of their remains. Their coastal jewel is now not only despoiled, but defunct. El Caudillo is building a new capitol in the frondy hinterlands, a concrete, Corbusian utopia far from the syncretism of ports and the ornate civic structures of the past, so many badges of servitude to those insensible of their symmetries. In the new city the new man will be consoled by an apparent uniformity of habitation, will have a volkswagen for illusory mobility, a television for illusory communion – and, perhaps this is most important, he will be free from any culture not devised in the monoglot Marx paraphrase that is his master's brain." --Eric Byrd

Cyber wars in realtime.

"Revealing why the present collection was called Pluto, he [Gulzar] said that he understood and shared the angst of Pluto that was recently declared as non-planet by scientists.

'At times, I also feel unfit in the family so I can understand what Pluto must have felt. I chose to dedicate these nazms to Pluto,' he observed." --The Times of India


"...the color silver is a sudden
squall across a tarn and shuddering
nearby aspens..."

--Michele Battiste

"I stopped doing TV because I couldn't hope to make sense in two minute sections. So instead I just became an utterly mysterious force." --Julian Cope

Bear Stearns Bravo.