Wednesday, May 27, 2015

saturnian aztlan

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God gods & non-god gods.

"My affliction is a boon unaware of itself." --Notturno

Jaynes addiction (thread).

"These are the only choices for the masses: whether to be a 'doomer' or a 'wisher.' Both positions are cartoon world-views that don’t provide much guidance for continuing the project of civilization, in case anyone is actually interested in that. It’s either rampaging id or the illusion of supernatural control, take your pick. I find both stances revolting." --James Howard Kunstler on his blog

Imagining Pluto.

"Who could imagine an R.A. Lafferty book in mass-market paperback today?"

"The gates of prayer are sometimes closed, but the gates of repentance are forever open." --Midrash: Deuteronomy Rabbah, 2:7 qtd in Leo Rosten- A Treasury of Jewish Quotations


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The Great Grief.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

fledgling hedgehog

BeinArt thread.

"High walls. Enormous machines." --Notturno

Yellow Submarine typeface.

Lost, Texas.

"Are childhood and old age but a single calamity?" --ibid


"Human sadness becomes plastic. I know not what mysterious thumb incessantly shapes it." -ibid


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

gold borderland

"Thought runs as though across a bridge that collapses behind it." --d'Annunzio, Notturno, tr Sartarelli (1921; 2011)

"I lived off recycling the loser husband’s beer cans."

"The good thing about social media is now all those people who used to smear their shit on the walls of public restrooms have another outlet." --Saladin Ahmed on twitter

Using Ganzfeld Effect to Impose Your Tulpa's Voice.

"Think about that, we prescribe treatment for lead toxicity for children who have lead levels substantially below what was average in 1975."

"There is a place in the soul where the river of darkness and the river of light flow together." --ibid

"The landscape is littered with guns, hammered socially by increasingly market-fundamentalist politics, and at the same time, natural systems are beginning to buckle and break as climate change starts to accelerate."

"A few weeks ago, the internet exploded with an amazing clip. Theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking was answering viewer questions for a live audience in Sydney, Australia. The male emcee posed a question submitted by the presumably female Samantha Su. 'What do you think is the cosmological effect of Zayn leaving One Direction and consequently breaking the hearts of millions of girls across the world?'...

But Stephen Hawking, generous and clearly even more intelligent than I had already thought, answered, 'Finally a question about something important. My advice to any heartbroken young girl is to pay close attention to the study of theoretical physics, because one day there may well be proof of multiple universes. It would not be beyond the realms of possibility that somewhere outside of our own universe lies a different universe. And in that universe, Zayn is still in One Direction." --posted by honestcoyote on Metafilter

Stars named after people.

            "for the
sake of Ilus-shivering arrow-heads"



Wednesday, May 06, 2015

fimbul indian summer

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Race against the ghost car.

"We can deal with rockets and dreams
but reality--
what does it mean?"

--Curtis Mayfield, "Freddie's Dead"

Aymara Futurism. (Their ternary logic.)

"It had been a day like a battle scene in a low-budget film whose director has tried to conceal the smallness of his armies and the paperiness of his stockades behind billowing cannon smoke and close-ups of horses' hoofs." --Peter Dickinson, Sleep and His Brother (1971)

The rules of Jikaida, as played on Kregen.

"What if the first aliens we encounter were made of chocolate?"

"Any art whose colors bark and howl out loud at you is worth studying." --R A Lafferty (via @KlepsisAnnals)

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jade snail rugs

         "Eatable as a cheek

To seem immense
Public and simplicity

Only as a cheek
At an eatable pilot-house
Like a bush

An impromptu connecting-rod
Only and polished
Polished as a mile

More whole than a stone
Whiter than a desire

More anxious than science
More generous than darkness
To end"

--Robot X, 1775

Mother of All Demos--the opera


Monday, May 04, 2015

salad resin jug

"Here I hurt with mortal thoughts and almost recovered." --Galway Kinnell

Mongrel Dream Library.

"What [Mary] Douglas would say, I think, when she looks at a lot of these diets, is that they’re really about being able to divide up the world into categories—which things are morally pure, and which things are morally impure." --Michael Schulson in Salon via follow me here

Space espresso.

"Pacquiao boxes like poetry; Merriweather like prose..." --Eileen Tabios

Blade Runner Reality. (via feuilleton)

"I remember Devil’s Night, and my dad would stay up late with the dog. We had a Bouvier, which is a Flemish sheep-herding dog. It was genetically engineered to bite anything that moves." --Sufjan Stevens with a very #GothicDetroit reminiscence

Trinity Site.

"We are sleepwalkers,
looking for a place where safe
we can stay awake."

--Magda Kapa (via the cassandra pages)

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Fault Creep.

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lower pitch apple

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New Horizon makes out first surface features on Pluto.

top whale cripple on
51 Pegasi b

the city prepares
for invasion · the icebox
full of feculent bagged trash

Vincent Price reading "The Raven."

the blank emptiness
a ward · a protection for
tibbun GOMBESA
watching the weather radar

treasure of the dilemma

Collab fiction thread.

"Great hatred, little room
Maimed us at the start.
I carry from my mother's womb
A fanatic heart."

--W B Yeats


Friday, May 01, 2015



"In Texas, organized paranoids are just another constituency to be serviced." --Charles Pierce (via Hlavaty)

Klingons take Fiume.

"The World of Darkness seemed to understand its workers the way that floating sticks got understood by a river, and studied to splinters, and undone by it." --Karen Russell, Swamplandia! (2011)

Chipper Pew Atoll.

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La Ronde du Sabbat.

"The Anger That Breaks The Man Into Children, by César Vallejo
Translated from Spanish by Clayton Eshleman and José Rubia Barcia

The anger that breaks the man into children,
that breaks the child into equal birds,
and the bird, afterward, into little eggs;
the anger of the poor
has one oil against two vinegars.

The anger that breaks the tree into leaves,
the leaf into unequal buds
and the bud, into telescopic grooves;
the anger of the poor
has two rivers against many seas.

The anger that breaks the good into doubts,
the doubt, into three similar arcs
and the arc, later on, into unforeseeable tombs;
the anger of the poor
has one steel against two daggers.

The anger that breaks the soul into bodies;
the body into dissimilar organs
and the organ, into octave thoughts;
the anger of the poor
has one central fire against two craters."

circuspunk music.

Tears of a Clown.

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