Saturday, July 08, 2006

End of Book 4.
B. "City of Tornax"

still a morning calm · mist with basalt smiling
Mayfly looth for bards · java polka smiling

what i know of sands · down a tourbillon pouring
t'ward its halt is hard · light's aorta smiling

now an ibrik boils · dilatory autumn
domino skids drab · foghorn audit smiling
26. "Harmonica Fiasco"

No cloud chords your saffron-viridian lights.
Birds audit your saffron-viridian lights.

Nary an additional Atlantis now
to anagram your saffron-viridian lights.

Survival among grisly crystal robots,
polka t'ward your saffron-viridian lights.

And Grinchus who could board, today sorts slapstick
basalt of your saffron-viridian lights.
17. "Swamp Plantation"

Divan of viridian
in days of agony and of drouth

Solitary bard's giardino or crystal

Star and lunar thin
on a frosty morning no symbol

Grinchus folds his own story
into Godzilla
3A. "Samarra"

drift Karnak sands
around my walking twigs, and quartz Latin sands
sigil sands
murmurous of black suns long malign
murmurous hubbub sands
rain, ruins this town will turn into
run with wolf sands
ghost skirmish occurs again, clogs my sight this
pallid fall
drift Karnak harsh sounds of abort sands
my morning run and roil
Orion's arm pharming black iron sands
7. "Colalp"

By dawn a wodwo turning into,
  clangorous habitats turning into.

A litany of crystal moonlight
  storm-lavish tamarind turning into.

And now i crawl a pillbug spiral
  pilgrim hibakusha turning into.
2A. "Atlantois"

Long Fallujah Plath dinosaur blood
Ruinous Libra dinosaur blood

Blood of stars, blood of nifty shoggoths
Only wits abhor dinosaur blood

So wait an blazonry cranch sasquatch
Chirg, or fins sculpt troop dinosaur blood

And Grinchus Fallujah vilify
Warm silkworm Harpo dinosaur blood
1B. "On a Taj Prohibition of Ataturk"

Tall aurora taj
brings bright stars to Samhain taj

Olibanum song though crispy thought
in pyx taj

Can Grinchus in what room strut so glorious
on top with an ingot taj?
36. "Astronautics"

Horntoad corndog and Mars winds
through whirling phobia winds.

Oil foison cusp but worry
not: human void will wash winds.

This collaborinth flings snool
upon snool, black and gray winds.

All Grinchus asks is that sky
withhold its haul of pun winds.
16. "A Wind's Thin Singing"

Star and lunar thin at dawn
Joust with Al Azif;
Myths of Al Azif.

Augury of crows but no
Algorithm bids it
Croon. A fuzzy
Storm from Al Azif.

That which i was thinking of,
Lacks an actual standing:
Only as
Bassoon Al Azif.

Such pull has our churning's flow,
Hardly row against it
Now or at
Ragnarok, Al Azif.

If Grinchus could on quicksand build
Pyramids of passion
What about
Golgotha Al Azif?
3B. "I am still King"

spiral strands of mutiny
lavish hands of mutiny

slow and coruscating blood
blooms on sands of mutiny

against Clown Moloch align
cryptic brands of mutiny

Grinchus in his art too finds
stark commands of mutiny
A. "Troglodytic Gnosis"

Morning hurls kilns; · to put off this warm coat
is right; think sharp · and put off this warm coat

Long i took what · my habits thrust to hand
Now i look past · will put off this warm coat

Cold days torn down · who want to stay must run
Much ruin still · so put off this warm coat

My soul flings far · carrying wary light
and six ways sad · i put off this warm coat
27. "Foundation"

sublunary lurk
Ubar allot fustian

and walking crystal zymurgy slag
bulwark crisp

ikon ruinous Ubar walking crystal
1A. "A Lay of Rigors"

Avoidy Moloch umma
in which iron droshky divs roll ruby umma

Any clown wants out
and craft in clots a small wry umma

Glass twinkling
on my path only umma

Lost druid luring
among high ramparts Azif mimics umma

Not Grinchus
who with pfflungg! would abolish umma
37. "Dinky Alp"

This mimics burning.
Wry burning.

All our longing just to lay
a dry trophy for Moloch burning.

I crawl among slow motion crashings of worlds
and a roar i call mankind burning.

Tricks i try
as if that frolic could abolish burning.

It's not anything's finish,
it's only burning.

Patch of grass scorch growing out.
What was it but a vast myth, burning?

Grinchus rolls
by ruby burning.
6. "Unvow Altair"

I vaunt a mango tankard in this church;
I chant with ghosts and know not which is you.

My wounds go winging into glorious rust;
I span a latifundia that's no frith.

Your mouth a moon of circuit-slaking snows
Strums rubicund flagon, poppy and habitat.

My cranch transition glows all foolish and faint;
I chat with mists and know not in what argot.

You drank a splash from any flown horizon;
You go a gipsy flourish crumbling charcoal.

2B. "La Manipulation Yggdrasil"

crystal bright ryotwar ask
atomic rapacious illusion

abort crystal risk
again shadowy stark crystal ryotwar

song stoop swim
rapacious Grinchus warp tsunami ikon
25. "Truth's Unwharf"

art on a cold bright morning
slag on a cold bright morning

all my snaky pontiff curbs
coil on a cold bright morning

roll without ruinous scorch
vap on a cold bright morning

obsidionary blood
Vlad on a cold bright morning
C. "Elegy for a Child-Soldier"

Gunshots in a clearing
rang: bang, and you're dead.
Without your parents join the
gang. "Bang, and you're dead!"

March all day, unwilling
pawn; maybe you'll be fed.
In time you'll grow a wolfly
fang--bang, and you're dead.

These toys all came from far off
lands; someone sent them here.
Someone far from killing's
tang. Bang and you're dead.

In days or years your usefulness
flags--not for you a bed--
but one day in a clearing
--bang, bang! And you're dead...
39. "Crimson Oscar"

smoothing away skald postcards
absorb Whig postcards

ruinous fog and winding angrily cliff
walk postcards

gallop autopsy polyps psalm us
for bringing Algol postcards

star cold Grinchus rain
thrown windowsthrough crystal rock postcards
18. "Anatolia"

A vision of tuatara frost
clouds with rainbow frost

Still moving forward still in a ruinous
storm displacing this waltz frost

fails to disturb my Morocco frost

Azury bowl crawls
stars and sciamachy frost

But Grinchus
has only now in mind dark basilisk frost
29. "Los Aristogatos"

How lucid: an augury of crows;
uvula, an augury of crows.

Villainous phantomnation, chili
with cumin, an augury of crows...

Daily spirals across my infant
Iliad an augury of crows.

Crazily Grinchus finds this strafing
just dandy, an augury of crows.
8. "Laran"

Rings a halcyon Sunday cold;
   it may rain, tomorrow.
Birds arriving with our fall,
   sloom's brisk haul tomorrow.
Unruly grails will snuff our soft
   high aims and fictions.
I am sobbing in this light,
   by this math tomorrow.

Dusk grows thick in mirror tors:
   it's a crash of wobbly.
Military gibbons fail;
   clocks turn tail tomorrow.
A bard knows only part but swims
   in shifty birdtalk...
Limits winging now shall slay
   Cíbola tomorrow.
35. "Burak"

Drain rain sound and koalang
sibilant Cibola sound and koalang

Snow cannon
at my carbs aims sound and koalang

Ubar sound and koalang

A grisly shortfall
labyrinth math sound and koalang

Grinchus splash
in a kiln pool of gun sound and koalang
1C. "Natal Litany"

goaf disport · cliff walking · diamond jaguar
Carcosa jaguar

cold hands holding light · polyps arraign
ruinous holy jaguar

cloud runic
word jaguar

giardino as an hour's unction
wild zonda jaguar

warrior Ramadan · giddy cough · crystal
Amharic I glut jaguar
3C. "Gibbous Psalm"

In dreams I wander free, exile no more;
In Djuna's arms I lie, exile no more.

When I meet those who speak my inner language
Our slant is understood, exile no more.

Far from the crush of cities I dismount
To dance beside a fire, exile no more.

My poem silently hurls through interstellar
Space to find its mark: exile no more.

Before I've had my coffee yet I reach
And grasp with left hand first--exile no more.
15. "Gloomy and Ruinous Ghost"

Crystal robots carrying through mist and shadow
my vorpal sword,
city i long ago was lost to, still must sough
my vorpal sword.

A cup of cool dark liquid jauntily high in Ramadan
sonorous hymns
spiralling around and from this mirror Lilith
my vorpal sword

Pumas prowl in twisting shadowy corridors
until Grinchus
has found a way to both allay and starkly honor
my vorpal sword
28. Non-Tumult

pulchritudinous fulcrum
flooding across throngs grisly lilac

storm fulcrum
idolatry bismuth indigo fog fulcrum

isthmus of fulcrum
flowing acrid crisp fulcrum
9. "Dalmation Christmas"

Crawling liquids unfurl · and carry cargo by moonlight
Hazard winds of illusion · disturb qabbalah moonlight

Hazard and folly confirm · our wormy station or plight
Lost in fathoms aglow · who know but faith in stark moonlight

All divisions abscond · as zondas furrow a sandhill
Shotput fact'ry horns rasp · a bulbous scarab by moonlight

Songs with Martians align · O shining fain of swift finish
Scurvy blossoms in fall · your squall is opal with moonlight
38. "Tara"

Sciamachy chill
or gill as shadowy lilt, basilisk chill

Rim mutiny--morning gray
rainbow chill

I; for folk for rim mutiny room
hazarding myrrh chill

Than final dust crystal flying lungfish to
rain with tuatara chill

Ink dark cant wodwo unknown Grinchus
will waltz chill
19. "Infirm Aroma"

ibrik and dawn's lunar thin
illuminating what immoral story

my car no armor
in grout storm

song of vast turmoil alights to stay
spring brought by a vacuum stork
2C. "Million Tiki March"

Among Dallas pyramids
i build pyramids

Conspiracy of ruinous gray mollusks
flitting through our digit pyramids

postcards showing tiki pyramids

if Grinchus could grail
blindfold would fly Tory coral pyramids
5. "Ghost Math"

swamp plantation shanty · rock gold of a mild morning
tor in chromium clad · Algol gold of a mild morning

billycan tay pallid · sandalwood burning fragrant
this hour without cark · skald gold of a mild morning
D. "Custody of Sight"

wobbly and coavariant · in this tryst giardino
crimson alias flourish · byblow roach giardino

light that will vanish and not · again play upon swords
in this alloy of quaint arcs · loyal yahoo giardino

rooms with a crimson monarch · wasp abandon fishing
billow and harsh cicala · wobbly scour giardino

wisp car alarm pink story · founding warp ignobly
polyps sobbing acrostic · coign wisp thorn giardino
24. A Lay of Rough Music"

Losing at a sloppy joust · joy is our vict'ry
Pilgrims in a ruinous storm · joy is our vict'ry

Running low of robot food · caught at Big Nightfall
morth and carnival both's Golgotha · joy is our vict'ry

Now a mad sky outpours anything · hungry thalassa
watching not our last Ragnarok · joy is our vict'ry
3d. "Galaxy 666"

Fractal in a cloud caftan
paintball folds basalt caftan

a soft vacant horizon
hurls my anagram caftan

shown a jinn diapason
Grinchus jigs polka caftan

14. "Thranitic Lament"

I dreamed in Zubenelg my car defaced.
I wake to livid suicide of an

More than our aspirations there were
And in their ruins further fevers

What could we build, when all we dream is
Snatched from the crashing breakers on Time's

Outside my door harsh barking squalls mort
I know what i have done & what's in

In Zubenelg i'd planned a perfect
I'd learn to walk, & let my car

No use in Shuttilon to
You pause for half a breath--you're blown

Once i believed in times when one could
But that belief i had no choice but to
2D. "Scrum"

Labyrinth of artifical rock;
lazing on this sacrificial rock.

Land of abandoning, as dry as hard:
in brilliant sun rings out official rock.

And Grinchus walks against no mild dismay
as buzzards slouch and nowls judicial rock.
4. "Thanatopolis"

pyramid of sand · is void to my sight
labyrinth of cant · is void to my sight

i know too much swarf · a black rock out of sky
falls and this taiga · is void to my sight

chatoyant my moon · as i walk slowly down
furious hazard road · is void to my sight
1D. "Minions"

sound of drills drilling through skulls
this kilncold drilling through skulls

what stays, what sloppy unction
with bathtub drilling through skulls

sound of cataclysm
flub-alibi drilling through skulls

Grinchus polyps liminal
and fightglad drilling through skulls
34. "A Track, a Circling of Slow Wing Birds"

Abort palazzo
though any sky Karnak palazzo

Dodging thwarts
vodka martinis my sigil palazzo

Till our bombs unfurl again
i turn up gain on songs in iron palazzo

Grinchus holds whist in
a ghost hubbub palazzo
pyramid town · without pity
Godzilla town · without pity

cars shoving cars · in torshadow
human drouth town · without pity
11. "A Lay of Pallid Phosphorus"

Scoriac rain with long mouths,
   gold Saturnian caliph,
you gift us with. A toxic
   laud, Saturnian caliph.

Our skin flows away hustling
   as black stars gloat soft glory
this scintillant word, crystal
   road, Saturnian caliph.

Loyal to agony lips
   can only say what aglow
you wish to go air walking,
   my Saturnian caliph.

Dominion is absolving
   poisonous fools with fatal
contradiction; smoking shards
   can't, Saturnian caliph.
22. "Gift Wolf Adoption"

apricot bulwark coy hibakusha snow
drowsy wodwo snow

froward ort
in groaning shadows tamarind snow

oolong is Grinchus igloo
pallid spy Viking sylph snow
F. "Big Nightfall"

blackbirds of iv'ry and gold · in that brass giardino
a haunting lolls among strings · from runny giardino

rustling mouths on pallid targ · stir for a Big Nightfall
wild will pour all our minions · in anvil giardino

bulwark lapsing and oblong · latifundia sink
happy polyps at darkling · scrytch and snirp giardino

layaway ungainly moths · spiral as orbs scuttling
clasp this wanton accrual · of lost sylph giardino
20. "Unruly Maggot Sugar"

Frog argot
borborygmic agony fathoms

grog against sorrow
story about toxic frop

obolus for brisk syzygy again imps
viral scrimshaw lack

ogham polyps indigo
gyratingly afford gallop stibium

(A) shadowy
golf amok tsantsas ogling Grinchus


(B) shadowy
rolm smutch usurping against Grinchus
31. "Old Findings"

Post karma, wishful thinking trap: black fathoms;
long gazing down Satan black fathoms.

Swift candy
pangs anagram black fathoms.

Boils tomorrow's dawn
with cloud black fathoms.

Pilgrim curd
squirming in aorta black fathoms.

Scroggy Parnassus up which twinkling Grinchus
thrusts back basalt black fathoms.
2. "Virtual Colonoscopy"

chatoyant Thanatopolis cairn
staying for mystic hazaj

and starry Atari who was anagram
bard stulm aorta

spirals word
along with us across Carcosa
2F. "A Constricting"

Amber organs can or can't alone for · fallen on have moldering Rome from
Let's someone of this stick soul species path · rosaries gg longevity from

All Easter armholes join as gold pincered · music the private marrow teeth fertile
And worship whatever with warm apparatus · new the coffle greased crust home from

A serious scalp pinch shuffle and gratitude · indwelling fossils are toenails nailed
The go another food inside the candle paint · months hat regrow unwanted to and from

Sip of gall they fatherly rolled · to brace your lunar revolt by the bottled caudle
In a coated fingers is comes the on encapsuled · number the siblings and the our unkind a protect of a rabbit and the us from
23. "Icy Lord"

mortal hull gladly aurora caribou
tomorrow Xanadu caribou

count crystal
robots ingot caribou

and ruinous ghost
i count thirty Samhain caribou

mountain and now contain sandcoil paradigm
rink pyx caribou

of this old
wobbly music caribou
E. "Shiny Maggots"

along this hunch a cloud sprawls · morbid tryst palazzo
twin suns sink and up black stars · flap pink ruach palazzo

songs that tubular mouths ply · shall dry and adios
sodium attack rasp patch · occults yahoo palazzo

wakings foghorn indigo · runic ambush align
hush as crisps in Carcosa · cobalt Scott palazzo

a walk down ruinous nights · to sculpt our starfish pools
Angular Lord rips scrollwork · off its Thoth palazzo
13. "Annunciations"

Warrior of ulfiry words in fall,
caught amidst brick's paradox in fall.

Azury bowl, quick to punish a wight
who fondly builds a spring nirvana in fall.

Solid Ogpu walls and hairball rosary
bound our mathom liaison in fall.

Domino or Dalit hands abolish
such sandcoil stars as gallop frost in fall.
3E. "Almanzor"

Vanish nirvana divan
writhing liaison divan

lungfish down did rain afraid
with all of his frost divan

slow and coruscating blood
tubular pillbug divan

ink stomp of cold spoons Grinchus
crisp to crystal words divan
3. "Volcano Commando Tsuka"

halcyon mountain daring · on a suicidal path
skulls in sand bright glaring · on a suicidal path

toys and candy swirling · all i want is truthful words
lost among clowns blaring · on a suicidal path

soon will know a trying · much will crash and many fail
halcyon furry faring · on a suicidal path
2E. "Thin Snowy Hills"

Canyons crisply split a light
   dawn's gloom pours high jaguar
ingots grown of apricot
   quick adjourn high jaguar

Algol would assail stray blood
   mixing grist with griot
Now olibanum is lit
   just to bloom high jaguar

Prions plant an idiom
   orbiting gray Titan
Prior Grinchus twists into
   Iliad high jaguar
33. "Narrowing Daylight"

Morning my Vlad assassin,
reluctant koalang my coil assassin.

Lousicidal Nyctalops at bay
my vap assassin.

mirror my slag assassin.

Flying acid lurch
stilb grasp rotor my art assassin.
1E. "Matutinal Iditarod"

swift ruby jaguar
shadowy Moloch jaguar

gliding through my ungainly and lanai days
wry jaguar

a scrollwork of polyps sad to clasp
laws that abolish jaguar

Plutonian stroll
with ruinous light claypit minics jaguar

our poor ship
aground adrift spools lunar jaguar

gloat not Grinchus lost
happy to brook torturing only jaguar
12. "Thalassa Carcosa"

bombfrost fnast runny anvil · pounds fatwa stormy squint
coldbright dawns a man might front · atari stormy squint

aroha spools from quasar · adamant octopus
if crystal scuttling ballots · is tabor stormy squint

obnubilation's glamour · and odd moons spiralling
a drain bound craft thalassa · polyps wroot stormy squint

and bombhush brass jauntily · blacks out gulls as a sylph
adamant by gaslight dross · snirps blind airts' stormy squint
3F. "Back to Goodthink"

night rain lamp mimics kiosk
kalavinka myth kiosk

Dubyashchina dragoman
swift slugs abolish kiosk

hollow kingly ruinous
arachnid kiss wry kiosk

crystal and rotor voids wink
wisp iron tomb Moloch kiosk

lightning Grinchus outpours urn
swoops run you only kiosk
10. "A Saint in Ryotwar"

Saturnian caliph glows · bulb in Plath palazzo
food riots rock a pallid · or Libra palazzo

rising wind and a dark sky · of wanton accrual
in crushing days cardboard pawns · who abhor palazzo

follow us with rustling mouths · black stars haunt a kiln land
glad Saturnian caliph · snug in troop palazzo

slag music to blindfold our · gulag coign unruly
thoroughly loll a saint in · no Harpo palazzo
21. "Law of Similars"

Anhydrous snowman
shards lying adorn dragoman toff

ruinous tsunami as
snowman no twinkling ambush walking snowman

as shadows
having druid addictions

as slag byblow finish snowman agony
caulk idiocy

for druid snowman idolatry drags
walg Ogpu
32. "Portal"

Shadow to call Aradia giardino;
first black sip of java, giardino.

Crystal grow.:
in dark giardino.

Flying mutiny cold rocks
in cold giardino.

Swoosh of cars, taps of washing, this still
pool of light ink stomp of cold so giardino.

Lungfish up
and stir basic giardino.
1F. "Osmolarity"

dancing rancid indigo
scrolls fitfully indigo igloo

or barking
indigo across pillbug idolatry

within indigo
odorous pitch again folly as

scrolls orbit bombyx
slight sloop ask

of giddy stulm of ruinous slow plagal
byblow viral indigo
30. "Davos"

Red and blue flicker · the forces of order restored, Bad Jesus.
Elaborate panning shots · above the nighttime city, Bad Jesus.

In our tiny lit abode · as the coffeemaker gurgles
I hear the cackling and the crackling · of the rain, Bad Jesus.

Twitching in the semi-dark · shoppingcenter parkinglot
as I took out the store trash, · grounded stray parakeet, Bad Jesus.

Redifiably impocerous · urban camo halter top
"American Idol" wannabe · and Osama's pic again, Bad Jesus.

New York Times impeachment ad · and the polar bears slipping off
their crumbling blue ice floes · bloody bathroom towels, Bad Jesus.
1. "An Orison for Autumn"

finish burning still · Samhain in Autumn
gold our hands can grasp · ingot of Autumn

may this turmoil run · brash to its finish
sands an hourglass pours · aurora Autumn

build a world unknown · out of this ruin
war and storm allay · music for Autumn

i too long for gifts · conscious and twisting
morning's orchid glow · Xanadu Autumn

Friday, July 07, 2006

End of Book 3.

B. "Arbathiao"

with sickly actors and Cibola
crawls this rain

a brick indoors, and thus my own attrition
gray morn of a war

still Mongolians, still iron
ungodly hour, lipogrammaton, gun

disastrous lungfish
has no lamp

Pallid Mountain to ruin
and clouds coil across sky of Ubar
26. "Wolf Tyranny"

Nomad blogging FL Virginis
Ummo, half caf, Scotch.

Car kaputt.
IL Aquarii starfish-jackals sling

a hammock at this gray spot.
Long duration slub

glub, oiwi.
Boiling corona indigo dud Buick

flaring in an instant of
film jam, burning through, through this waam-waam.
17. "Just not into you"

./ of fungus vugg
of down transplant star - us nova nova wood

for with amphibian
./ do star. it. down flip moon

carnivorous star /can't
can't grip rat. lingo

transparent grip sinking / for last
amphibian vacuum ions
3A. "Mantis and Mania"

Khurbn chill
furl gray abtar and ichor

who will closing blast of furious
crisp allot igloo

from rapacious by gargling abolish at
ballroom crayfish ranch antics
7. "Tan of Applack"

Upon touching's summit no words
could satisfy frost

spoils of Atabalipa
but most by pillbug

on twinkling pinions hid from wind and mountain

lark who from
and now by thymy banks paradox

snows through all origin and
and now through shadowy paths touch nirvana

This crystal
Saturn's aurora's halos whirl iron crystal

rain crackling loud past my blinds
in sigil crystal

hungry autocollant winds impugn
a pallid ash of hobbit crystal

convoy days
crisis caws abort crystal

Thursday, July 06, 2006

1B. "Crock Pot"

Hussar dust, isthmus aspic matrix
or idiom dust as storm

bismuth Usk
string whinny, impact dust, asking Ragnarok

using optical
risk scrap smog bath story oral library
36. "Victory Catsup"

Fomalhaut go smiling back
flow chanoyu calico fulcrum

still igloo Mozarab as impact silk alms
wing into

aglow abandon
rapacious ichor sky of Olofi mouth
16. "I think i'm going to laugh"

-burning of fungus. nova math
-drip sinking. to triumphant lamp

of down transplant star - us nova nova
midnight grip gun

pursuing nova junk - spurting
skin loathing atomic - burning Ubar

/did burning do drip
. sinking - grip rain
3B. "Of a Lost Dynasty"

pallid rasp flaring
sloppy rich

odynacusis druid fall as
spawning offal clasp ¿walking arroyo tilt?

indigo ogganition
astonish flap

pools apart spoil ryotwar /.
grind wind across which

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A. "Agathodaimon"

To sing is to arraign against wind's sough
A bluff with as fantastical a fury.

I harrow fathoms in my turbid story,
With stony light and stars of civic Lilith.

Who can slog through lucid swamps for long
And not turn mystic? Sling a mystic's wrath.

In rain as light as silk i walk and sing,
Against no solid balk, only bald shadow.

Ruin of what our nation had, and slag
Of all tomorrow's tors, this worst of drugs.

Big Christ, who always knows a trick to win
As pinball wizards rip down Fand's mimosa.

I sing and lurk in lands without a flag:
By walking it is road's own bricks i honor.
27. "Rolm Normalcy"

Which dimly, a kiln murmuring chull,
traps looms this Maya-murmuring chull...

Blackjack walburn in ballrooms of Mars
all tomorrow's calx murmuring, chull.

For additional output wintry
Batiushka, pain murmuring chull.

Ridiculously garuda gold
bullion; railgun lair; murmuring chull.

Lich with a phiz of total Casbah
storp will story us murmuring. Chull.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

1A. "Kapok Calypso"

Maroon, with blackbirds,
sky: subfusc thalassa

sluggish, no bargains
to prog, on that blank rim

and a far off, high
grouping of Dragon Smaug

grom, though who knows what
confusion i should maul
37. "Cowboys Don't Cry"

Amidst this swinging chaos, cowboys don't cry,
who gallop a gaunt logic: "cowboys don't cry."

At Crawford a road joins flags and our blood.
Many crying now. Firm cowboys don't cry.

A woman is waiting wants to know why
hands and dying hands drop slack. Cowboys don't. Cry.

Monday, July 03, 2006

6. "Win Cash!"

Our Swan King, off duty at his ranch, vacuum-
Awash in poppy, finds dust sinful.

Prying at a florid scab
Without irony.

Toot addict of Big Christ grout.

Glacial brillig rasp
occult bildar rank illicit oblong grow

pin slick blast
pinch aggry orbit barn ask

sport torn occiput scarp burn blog
its about limits
25. "Lost Worlds of Langpo"

Automatic tusk atoll logic
ambit cairn

straying dim acorn
starwork lustrous assumptions skittish hazaj

italics foist sly blood glut
sob aglow firm
C. "Duration of an Instant"

A narrow walk, and down is up, now;
diasatrous skald, and down is up, now.

Woods full of scorpions. Ruby trail
for ailing Whig; and down is up, now.

Trial upon trial: crimson companion
clips bright Algol, and down is up, now.

Narrow a shadow falls, through such mists
as scalp a rock, and down is up, now.

Twirled before the foolish crowd · your dreams will end in flame and smoke
Every fraud contains its limit · your dreams will end in flame and smoke

Fugitive the dawn's pure color · passing fair the knell it breathed
Leaving us these wrecked spaces · your dreams will end in flame and smoke

Sunday, July 02, 2006

18. "Prison Library"

This is the way i holy
normal work stalking shadowy word

noxious out
shadow star / did burning do drip Carcosa

infamous ghost that
wants to put burning in diamond

loud morrows
sift luminous blood zonda

Tsathoggua isk
ray sting whom

sobbing ogpu igloo cultivar
barb air tsunami sky frown

Ragnarok dyadic assist star bilm
and agnystic owl

Saturday, July 01, 2006

8. "Bhopalimony"

And rapturous strain wodwo
gallant woods and swamps hibakusha

And faithful avid of gold warm nook vocal
through orchards now sylph

Wanton path
a happy man tamarind
35. "Conlan 8022"

thick surrounding woods of bassoon indigo
flaunts sky in front of my trip storm indigo

books that could say how to flourish sport writing
on black papyrus library indigo

uniform garb and carbon accruals rasp
fragrantly crumbly Ragnarok indigo

Tsathoggua my ongoing crowd panning
as oblong alizarins joust indigo
1C. "Air-Burial"

Droll brackish bolt glitch
slipping abruptly dragon

fascinating action skulk fifth ash whammy
obtain tobacco

slack stalwart
ago slit bilk stump; act this asp glish pidgin

spur apart
fibrillary anchor again pains
3C. "Talking to Robots"

Titan silk story
want unknown

Oswald pillbug glass skillful aspic
straw wodwo brisk cyborg swill

maskful ontology ptarmigan sully
individual skins

and to swarm
into foolproof tsunami twilight
15. "Kings"

dusting his wisdom
stalk was vacuum

grinning ghost
disastrous jellyfish

glass continuum night crimson living
of spurting shadow

quark dark
.brain days that?

paradox transplant
black spray hard black
28. "TV Manumission"

Oxonian Ixtab roads
and lingo...

Ballrooms ontic fizgig; axiomatic storp
fast about brick moon

radar idol isthmus bank snick--odd
flummox bilk fnord agony ions

abrupt panic slump,
allot frown wormy God wood.