Thursday, August 10, 2017

effects of mountaintop removal

An exchange on Languagehat:

"All languages can sound beautiful in the right context, except Danish."

"Oddly, I have the opposite problem: I find the sound of Danish charming, I’m just not convinced it’s a language."

Arcaicam Esperantom.

"The initial impact would dig a hole 20 miles deep, and 120 miles across. Deep rock would rise as high as the Himalayas, and then collapse to form the observed impact ring, all within 10 minutes. The impact fireball would kill everything within a 600 mile radius. A shock wave would spread out through the solid earth, and a monstrous tsunami through the oceans. The atmosphere would have seen hurricane force winds, and rock condensing in the upper atmosphere would produce a rain of tiny glass spheres, such as those still preserved in the mudstone boundary layer. The glowing hot rockdust would generate heat several times greater than that coming from the Sun, roasting to death all surface animal life up to a distance greater than a thousand miles, and starting firestorms in the vegetation." --Paul Braterman at 3quarksdaily

"In Turkish, for instance:


It's a single word. It means: Are you one of those people who we tried to convert to take care of themselves better but failed to do so?



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