Tuesday, January 26, 2016

old recension of dwarka

(image by MEWtront)

Lucifer's status as a Saint is a matter of controversy.

Prismatic theories of the Cassini-type cicada. Slendytubbies hire buxom slug. Death comes for the Archaeopteryx. Tryphiodorus's didn't survive.

Do not use the new prime.

Hareiously iniquitous victimizations have pertly zagged.

(via atlas obscura)

"...'Silver Latin' is currently experiencing a 'golden age'..."

I can accept everything except what i don't expect.

Nethescurial as egregore.

"17. Beware of the man who praises liberated women; he is planning to quit his job." --Erica Jong

Another lipogram novel besides Gadsby. (Found mentioned here.)




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