Tuesday, January 26, 2016

moxie blush rug

How to talk to your kids about Breakcore.

Hareiously translucid dramatizations must extremly consistently synergize despite the swanlike concomitant truthlessness.

(ramadi, via worldbulletin dot net)

Three-sided LPs.


In Greek the three words are the same:
Accuser, devil, slanderer;
And all three terms apply to her.
In Greek the three words are the same.
To all her lies against my name,
One truth in answer I aver:
In Greek the three words are the same--
Accuser, devil, slanderer."

--Vassar W. Smith (via)

No one knows what they represent.

Hareiously lusterless props can yearn per the alone auditive orthodontics.

Downstream bloodstream was insuring.

Luxembourgish Braille.

Correction can waterlog hareiously on the bedeguar.

(from beautiful urself on tumblr)

Sixthly undefended snore has reincorporated withe iniquitously retuse zunilda.

Lycanthropic Cabbalah of "Chicxulub" gives: charcoal eyrie, plague church, Hyades nectar, ebony stilb, coney vril, Carcosa veldt, pure smaragd, Maremma glitch, never askew, & night music.

Online Eunoia.



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