Friday, June 23, 2017

newton's cradle

Nothing can keep me from forgetting.

"Problem 94 challenges the reader to trace the origin of the word FEAMYNG, a purported collective noun for ferrets. Borgmann's solution, which spans four pages, shows the term to be a ghost word; it was the result of a centuries-long chain of typographical errors (from BUSYNESS to BESYNESS to FESYNES to FESNYNG to FEAMYNG) propagated through various dictionaries."

"In dust must splendid lads go down and choke,
Red dry their hands and dry their one day's sun
From which they earthward fall to fiery tomb
Bomb-weighted, from bloodying children's hair."

--Gene Derwood

Santa Muerte grimoire.


moth crawling on black tile, blue
& red flicker, caesious skies
of spring (new spring): somewhere else the storm
the fuzzy end of the parabola

anado-kuniklo misprise, excuse
nothing as the pattern serves its term

solstico, barely recall the rigamarole
the triggering-sign that waits in our urban sphere

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