Monday, May 29, 2006

31. "Darth Shrub"

Hollyhock fishhook and soap · lost in a swamp of this word
adding andiron infancy · my singing snaps a diamond

of indigo crystal night · vision about going coil
if you want to go as far · incognito cobalt wolf

by icily Xibalba · city among frothing slag
with idiocy idyll · duration of my sand will

snaps a diamond Hollyhock · warily i follow you
rim dark flying dark acid · icily singing cargo

and iron indigo raucous · cobalt of into charcoal
lurch night immortal sandstorm · gallops accruals scarab

cryptic profound from grip iron · to frisking did lungfish turn
to frisking did wodwo wind · with a blood acid rainbow

snowman away vacuum glow · briskly away vacuum sound
you abut my spiral wall · iguana rhost my slow myrrh


Blogger michael said...

"rhost" is a word off the CIA alert search lists that were up for awhile. i don't know what it means.


10:07 AM  

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