Saturday, April 29, 2006

3F. "Sky Land Ransom"

Slimy main laps at Karnak,
Rightful mood with dimming light.

Long ago, words had carats,
And a bard could ply Latin.

I carry my own asphault
Through an orchard of abort.

Hush hush, no sign in sight, no
Ghost survival hazards this.

Cloudburst of glad thoughts gawking
Cataract of ruin will.

Follow a smoking mirror,
Follow a child hungry wolf.

So much i would put away:
Draftworthy fandango iron.

Virginia Opossum, blink
And miss our rainbow sigil.


Blogger michael said...

Virginia Opossum, name of an animal "adopted" by our store & a portrait of, figuring prominently in my section.


12:34 PM  

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