Monday, January 23, 2017

maniac anger race

(The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, via onlyinyourstate dot com)

The truth about Pepe.

"Now in another country, in the city
founded by Cadmus, citizens of Mars
despaired because their king was mad..."

--Ross's Statius (2004), iv.

Big Data worked.

"The year is 2017. America is a tire fire. The resistance is led by Teen Vogue, Badlands National Park, and the Merriam-Webster dictionary." --@mightybattlecat

Rambler and Magneto.

(by Dan Ransom via @Fascinatingpics)

Mystic Fire Video.

"He’s become in two days the paranoid and deluded ruler of so many novels by Latin American and African writers. Usually this point is reached after several decades of rule and the imposition of terror and a cult of personality." --Infinite Coincidence

Google Street View tour of a former prison.



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