Monday, April 24, 2017

rainproof nun hiccup




the globe twirls
leaves stripped from the trees
on the table

wrong kind of pickles
say the bells of don rickles

a drumming on the roof
for thirty minutes

Skoda jokes (one of many! e.g.).

One time i was in the mountains in an old car, & i had pulled over because the engine was overheating. Suddenly i heard a violent thrashing in the underbrush and, fearing a bear, i jumped inside and rolled the windows up. a few minutes later, a regular sized armadillo emerged from the bushes.

How to remove scratches from a hardwood floor.

"You can jump into the fire
but you'll never be free"

--Harry Nilsson

Explaining Gudetama.

"I didn't agree with his actions as a president at the time, but now that he's retired I'd love to sit down for a beer and talk poetry with Radovan Karadžić!" --Deece B J Pancake on Metafilter

(painted by an elephant named Khankluay)



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