Friday, May 12, 2017

the drinker of molten gold

("The Queue" by Alfred Janes (1939))


Glass of perIlous sweet, bones for the fight club
Remorseful fNordplay zing · sunk by a kite flub
Alt-certifieS · till we cry uncle, red mush roar
Shock motleyYow · i now unchortle on Mount Rushmor'
Pheus sciuriNe to the manor born
Retrograded · Eft till that banner morn
If not martyRdom's wiles collaborate
NarwhalpurgiGantomachy · rabble late
KevorkiorkorY night in the nosebleed seats
Your mercuryPasta splurge · sows need-bleats
Yclept eclipAcene with schmiss-chin quarks
Eftsoons aleRt departure blows seed-meets
Nanofurlong Karst or question mark

All Zaidenberg's Huysmans.

"Cherie is thinking of adopting a "submissive" shelter animal... Not sure what her intentions are but she says it does not have to be a cat." --=@JoyceCarolOates

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