Friday, July 14, 2017


(tal korczak via dwayne carter on fb)

What is destroying the Earth?

Lo! did weld lewd idol.

Seymour on Kafka's Castle.

     "Mine Is a Voyage on a Cloudless Eye

Mine is a voyage on a cloudless eye
Adapted to that surface as a skate
Round which the flakes from bowsprit never fly;
Gardens so jailed with frost and salt they fight
All summer towards the waterfalls are mine,
Rivers whose smooth meandering thumbs can press
Enormous homesteads from a wilderness;
The comet's swan-like after-tow is mine.

Time comes and goes and what was never snow
Hangs like a thpousand seagulls in a hall
Of glass. O in that tinder stillness blue
Madonnas burn like lamps profane as pitch,
Philosophy's great odalisques who dwell
Sun-centered in their own phosphor. To touch
Or dream them is to fuse that greening kiss
No mouth returns, no tongue relinquishes."

--John Malcolm Brinnin

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