Friday, April 07, 2006

19. "Melolog"

Big contrail little contrail vampire stake,
the Three Wise Men found frozen to death under a viaduct.

The body is the font of namelessness;
it makes mute distinctions

fourthday crescent of moon this morning
my Barmecidal feast.

What do you buy a woman who sells Mary Kay?
A yak in a yurt on a yacht.

Shortcut through the cathedral, spelunker's rose
larval dreams green M-&-M's on the Mezzanine.

Two identical cars side by side, one charging, one being charged;
cast kevils as to Who & Whom.

Ninefingered Rememberer you want Cabalatrab
ascended bugbear a new kind of stamp.

One day you just don't see them anymore
a birddropping on the Tunnel floor...

Coughs like someone i know

Files, flies. the 'Crostic Eye: i hit Enter,
bite from a strange cat.

25338, 25358, 25558

Automatically changing combination
the desire & continual inability to do away with titles.

A poet is a spigot of Poetry
--brain rotted in its shell

Malfunctioning sphincter equals Ring-Pass-Not
remaindered wings, the wages of Cabalatrab

cause havoc in both universes

Without pressure of urgency
continue in the manner given

Surf trains for a thrilling finish.


Blogger michael said...

Cabalatrab signifies the "Emanation" of "scorpio" e.g. INTJ-style culture activity

10:22 AM  

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