Thursday, April 13, 2006

29. "Quasar Grout"

Patchouli tor, military soap.
Blessings of the demon Bradykinin.

The Plague That Only Gets Other People
got another one...

It is getting so dark that i can scarcely
go on writing; and my brush is all worn out.

Yet i should like to add a few things
before the end. Dragon poetry

flickers in this Algol amethyst
as i fold my wool blanket without a light;

& Uuchathon alone has the dream communion
craved by ev'ry Noumenon nomad here

--this night salt to our snail-senses


Blogger michael said...

"Uuchathon": name of a demon in old grimoires, used by Dmitri Borgmann as an example of a word that starts with two U's.

i assumed it was obsolete orthography for "Vuchathon" until i got The Sworn Book of Honourius. there, it is "Michathon"; & as i pointed out in a letter to Word Ways, the two digraphs appear virtually interchangeable in the lettering style of the period (basically, four vertical thick strokes).

so this is a new example of a "ghost word", & as one of my practices, i am using ghost words in order to create the alternative reality in which it is a real name of something.


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