Tuesday, November 15, 2016


("The Expectation" [1936] by Richard Oelze via feuilleton blog)

I will arrive half an hour ago.

my featherweight yoke
these spring days in november
ought to count something

who knows but that we might thrive
deprived of all our freedoms

A closer look at nitrogen ice on Pluto.

Nature's Way of Telling Us.

"To defeat her it took an unholy cabal far beyond what Barack Obama faced..." --Rebecca Solnit

"The Goddess, as I understand her, is not a personality, not a Big Mama who somehow guides your life and makes everything turn out all right, not a love-worn blankie we can cling to when we desperately want something to make us feel better. She represents the great cycles of birth, growth, death and regeneration that move through nature and through human lives and history—cycles that include death and decay and loss. But her promise is simply this—that out of decay ultimately comes regeneration." --Starhawk


Through pain the land of pain,
Through tender exiguity,
Through cruel self-suspicion:
Thus came I to this inch of wholeness.

It was a promise.
After pain, I said,
An inch will be what never a boasted mile.

And haughty judgement,
That frowned upon a faultless plan,
Now smiles upon this crippled execution,
And my dashed beauty praises me."

--Laura Riding

"One thing I do not expect in an ancient history museum is a proper surprise." Also, "...as of today, we have a middle-aged East German woman in post (much to her dismay) as the de facto, acting Leader of the Free World. It goes to show you never can tell. A thought which is not supposed to make you feel cosy and better. Feel as bad as you like. You won't be wrong & you might achieve something that way."

(wfaa-tv via anna palmer on fb)

Matthew 25:40.



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