Friday, January 27, 2017

the cabinet of dr calibri


"The fiery crypts, the lurid cellars of the under-world, to which you once condemned the wicked, are hideous enough, but at least they are more homely than the heaven in which we ride. And the time will come when you will all hide in them, to escape the horror of the stars." --G K Chesterton, The Ball and the Cross (1909)


"Man is a contradiction in terms; he is a beast whose superiority to other beasts consists in having fallen." --Chesterton, ibid

What facebook does. (via Bruce Sterling)

"Resistance is futile. That's why I like it." --@NeinQuarterly

What lies broken.

"Without idealization, simply take note that what they have in common—which is their unnecessary suffering, their endurance, their cunning—is more significant, more telling, than what separates them. And from this, new forms of solidarity are being born." --John Berger


"The left: Should we punch nazis? Did that Barron joke cross a line? Is La La Land actually bad?

The right: We just dismantled the New Deal." --@FernieCommaAlex via @KameronHurley



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