Wednesday, April 26, 2017

say no to this mountain

(via @saladinahmed)

William Dobell.


the book of stern remembrance is a poisoned book
sunrise flicks · like rice away
the orange klones go flying by, the clouds remain
won king is a sign i know

glaciers calve where there's no human desire to look
but nothing happens in the show
the orange klones go flying by · we circle the drain
won king is a sign i know

Some good Harry Crews stories.

"I recently had occasion to look up the Dakota name for Minneapolis' Lake Calhoun (which was restored to some degree after it was determined that Calhoun isn't the greatest personage to memorialize). I was delighted to learn that the Dakota name for nearby Lake Harriet translates to, 'The other lake." --Autumnheart on Metafilter



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