Monday, May 22, 2017

exploits & sufferings of paper

     "The Yellow Emperor"

one remaining sunflower seed
i dig for with my fingertips


"Come on baby light my fire"
weirdly echoic
in the McDonalds restroom


the alchemist grown ancient
copies & recopies the old equations
cannot make them come out right
cannot make them work
the alchemist
grown ancient


craterous trail, tornadic days
read the map upside down

they go in
they don't come out

this fine sequestered cell
hebdomedal toil
pangs of allegiance pave

dash into the intersection night


on the edge of Chernobyl
i stopped for a picture
it was the trucks bringing the snow
that got snowed in

fields of wild grasses
untouched by the mower
erases all my footsteps
a minute after i make them

willow, williwaw-wambly



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