Wednesday, July 19, 2017

quinoa latte

Deli xenon-exiled.

Palindromic streets near here: Rener, Maham...& Lenel.


"Everlastingly: the red and ratlike curios" --Brinnin

Doing an Old English font in HTML.

"The Giant Turtle Grants an Interview

How old are you, Old Silence?
....I tell time that it is.
And are you full of wonder?
....Ephemeral verities.
What most do you long for?
....No end to my retreat.
Have you affections, loves?
....I savor what I eat.
Do shellbacks talk to shells?
....Sea is a single word.
Have you some end in mind?
....No end, and no reward.
Does enterprise command you?
....I manage a good freight.
Has any counsel touched you?
....Lie low. Keep quiet. Wait.
Your days – have they a pattern?
....In the degree of night.
Has solitude a heart?
....If a circle has a center.
Do creatures covet yours?
....They knock, but seldom enter.
Have you not once perceived
....The whole wide world is yours.
I have. Excuse me. I
....Stay utterly indoors.


"Over a decade later and it feels as though we have always been at war with genre boundaries."

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