Thursday, April 13, 2006

18. "Sovereign Feathered Bulldozer"

There will be times when his basiliskic future-scry might bode
nothing unless he clepe it the world's one circus torpedoed.

There will be times when the splendor of his illusions outshines
even the rising sun reflected off towers gold-windowed.

There will be times when mild evening breezes & the slowest glide
in the frontporch swing of his folks give perfect centering-node.

There will be times when it seems like he'll never find the shelter
of someone else's fever though he trek his life for the lode.

But there will never come time when this gnomon of thesterness
over some fluxion of logic or luck renounces the Code.


Blogger michael said...

A-lipogram, 15-syllable lines.


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