Monday, June 27, 2016

lake natron tanthru

(fire temple in Baku, via Google Maps)

A Grub Street tale.

"Well, our sun's a great ball of fire, but it's practically a snowball compared to Sirius A, whose luminosity is twenty-three times brighter than El Sol, even though it's only half again as large. Any planet orbiting Sirius is going to be on the warm side. And probably cloud-covered at all times. Even through the vapor, it would be harmful to one's vision to look up at Sirius. Now, what sort of dominant, sentient life-form would evolve in that hot, brilliant, steamy world? Amphibious mammals, wouldn't you say?" --Tom Robbins, Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas (1994) [The hypothetical planet has been named "Xylanthia". Alas, even a 475 K planet does not appear to be stable although an earlier study found a stable orbit around A at a period of 6.635 years.]

Perec's long palindrome machine-translated.

A twitter saga: Bollywood Movie by Coriander--

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(via Todd Buckley on Facebook)

Panyee football club.

"We cannot write the order of the variable winds." --Emerson

Sci-fi lake.

"It is now more than sixty years ago since Mr Carlyle took occasion to observe, in his Life of Schiller, that, except the Newgate Calendar, there was no more sickening reading than the biographies of authors." --Augustine Birrell

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"The world loves to bad-mouthe a goat, but I'd rather spend time in the company of a goat than in the company of most people I know." --Harry Crews



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