Tuesday, June 07, 2016

a nightmare khaki tan

"Moor, garb music sidereal--lived urban.
Nab rude villa ere disc is umbra, groom." --Howard Bergerson

The E at Delphi.

     "Sonnets to Chango: XIV. (& last)

Tangled in the heraldry of tungsten
Lies, but lies are spider's-nest to Scorpio
Nemesis, double-headed axe, vain cudgel
Squirrel didn't make it: unstatistical absence
As counted by the census wonks of Bedlam
Across the rockies cradled in a Valiant
Was never sure which one of us the scoundrel
In this malarkey uncanonical gospel
Spillway glimpse of the legendary sylph
Iron pleasures of the hunt yield irony
Dividenfluenza fastened with a padlock
Cannot keep the air from fleeing, foible
Such that nothing new can prosper
and Hesper fourfold. This is what it is.



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