Tuesday, June 07, 2016


"It was for making suggestions about supervised recreation that the devil was cast into hell; any other account you have heard is false." --Fourth Mansions


     "Sonnets to Chango: IV."

Squirrel didn't make it. Unstatistical absence
does sparing him no glance make me a monster
No, but maybe a part of the feet of the peacock
far peripheral, cast in darkness safest,
on silence, battened; & by thunder, wounded;
Watching it happen afar should be some comfort
Chango, you ride forth clad white in your alb
of vapors: i gauge the sky, gassing at Chevron
a stranger to this stage, an innocent, almost,
we asked for you, the only perfect bodkin,
before we ever passed the stage of grilse.
Here, then, t'ward apotheosis of tumult
some of us hide, some of us mark the cadence
& see those doing so, & call them comrade.

"The language we've developed here will enable you to understand such concepts, those of you who will enter the capsules.... The name of the language will be accessible only to those who speak it." --Don DeLillo, Zero K (2016)



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