Monday, April 11, 2016



"No, they haven't been hiding their money. They've been hiding ours. By calling it theirs. #panamapapers" --NeinQuarterly

Interactive fold-in feature.

"Here nothing is accidental, every single element has a purpose, a meaning, all reflective of an intensely personalised cosmography." --Strange Flowers blog (via feuilleton)

“The authors of London were formerly computed by Swift at several thousands, and there is not any reason for suspecting that their number has decreased. Of these only a few can be said to produce, or endeavor to produce new ideas, to extend any principle of science, or gratify the imagination with any uncommon train of images or contexture of events; the rest, however laborious, however arrogant, can only be considered as the drudges of the pen, the manufacturers of literature, who have set up for authors, either with or without a regular initiation, and, like other artificers, have no other care than to deliver their tale of wares at the stated time.” --Samuel Johnson, in The Rambler

Thirteen novels on the edge of horror.

"dice are made fierce by fate" --Javant Biarujia

A new Roll of the Dice.




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