Monday, March 07, 2016

a plague of hrönir

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Every lines other.


Translating Roussel.

"There is no story that is not improved by having its first and last pages lost.

'Archipelago' (1979)" --RALaffertyTweets

Soseki on the 1000-yen note (via no-sword blog)

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"As human beings, we serve two deities: the one that tells us “KILL CONSUME MULTIPLY CONQUER” and the one that inspires love, cooperation, creativity, and knowledge."

"I try simple exercises; for example, in the morning, I say to myself: 'I am going to try to be as present to myself and the world around me today whenever I pass under doorways throughout the day.' From this deceptively simple task, I gather snapshots of myself." --Luke Storms

Three Stooges in Orbit.

"These days, I'm remembering that when I planned the Aleutian Trilogy, I wasn't entirely motivated by a desire to get to the bottom of what's wrong between men and women; or what's wrong between subaltern society and the bosses. I wanted to try the taste (in my head) of interesting times. To be like my parents (as a thought experiment); for whom World War II was the very heart of their lives, horrible and thrilling. I wanted a ferocious fairground ride to engulf my imagined world, pillar of cloud by day, pillar of fire by night. Signs and wonders. Unbelievable things, impossible events . . . But maybe you just have to wait until you grow older, and the clamour of your own personal life fades out, to get the special effects.

Maybe it's globalisation, maybe it's the internet. Maybe people will look back, a hundred years from now, and see nothing special going on, quite a benign time, really. I wonder what kind of people they will be?" --Gwyneth Jones on livejournal

A Day with the White House Astrologer.

"My neighbour said to me I was driven out of my home by armed men, and now I have come to Europe the same thing is happening again.

"I have had so many conversations where people said, 'I came to Europe because of the human rights but I came here and found that was only for Europeans.'" --Al Jazeera


(via ovguide dot com--this came up on a google image search for "journal of albion moonlight)

Vintage occult tumblr vuia feuilleton.



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