Friday, March 04, 2016

upfront voldemort ad

Wolf 1061. (More to come.)

Humans who are only interested in worlds they can live on are like a baby who has to put every object into his mouth.

Artifacts of the space race. (via @kchangnyt via @leebillings)

dorp, coprolite ark
oppugn scrytch
or spraint briskly rolled all with it beach

far, crowded, ikon-bordered
option up fugu eggplant
in Esperanto echidna brisk

my stone actually
shadows door
broken assault spiralling

iron catafalque find in stereo
absolution free
lit ashes

Aklo allotrope fyyryryrn crisp
songbird flow
olibanum zebub odds

falling clink
clutch dweomercraeft pith

Skeuomorphic map of Mars. (via @tiffanyfarrant via @leebillings)

(pic by roland miller)

Two interesting new blogposts from Bryant.

(Avebury image from wilshireweb dot co dot uk via metafilter)



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