Monday, February 08, 2016

a lenten nip

(via valenberg on tumblr)

"...the faux-vintage photo will no longer be able to conjure the importance associated with physicality (another point made in part II) if the vintage look begins to be more closely associated with smartphones than old photos."

the red-assed baboon
is never far away.
frisks the will to power late or soon
the red-assed baboon;
& though we dream stars, dreams bring no boon;
& two or more who gather, turn caraway;
the red-assed baboon
is never far away.

Infected Mushroom.

We approach the apocalypse as a matter of style, b4ecause we have such a poor imagination for suffering.

"Jerry included the names of many obscure Texas towns in his composition titles, and at one point planned, but never composed, an opera based on the life of LBJ..."


"Longing to view Orion’s drizzling look" --Christopher Marlowe

Turkish prog realness.



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