Friday, February 12, 2016

enact thin lot

Austere Curriculum.

"Valentinus the Heretic"

cokey moon
skitoma bekos syzygy smoke
book for an ashen ekphrasis will it work

amber map abet
next skitoma dollops ask
tsunami wynd azote my

agate mythogem
as Umma
looks akin wend ebony bonus

to skiffle afire so Brownian dancehall
snakepit fathoms us
who went in

went skiing apart who wrote
rat psalms with tsunami twilight sizzle plop
please rig stirious twilight rotate

Vimana Glooscap.

"I have found the strong skeleton beneath the golden flesh of the world, the iron in the marrow, and the deep green blood." --R A Lafferty

14-vowel haiku.

"A panther is killing procrastination." --@MagicRealismBot

The Chirp. (via @mcnees)

(pic by Michele Palazzo, via Tim O'Brien on Facebook--how Harvey-like)

Whoa! Ken Liu has a novel out!

(subway image by valenberg)



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