Monday, March 28, 2016

the world is real but you aren't

(pic by Eugene Carriere)

The Vorrh.

"In the South we have mud, we just don't have a room for it." --sayings of Editor Art (Tom Hendricks)

Lycanthropic Cabbalah of "Cynothoglys": azure airspace, malachite Tokay, nuclear checkmate, occult verse, planet madness, hwyl buzz, muskeg Faust, vault rigor, Tsalal Neomenia, lunar runes, only glimmer, glory curse, absinthe shore, ucalegon music, zikr frost, Maremma liaison, calcspar edgelord, tamarind meaning, basilisk nectar, Altair myrrh, Carcosa dimness, Pluto droog, askew limerence, glass library, indigo bezique, pyramid lingo, viridian wood, iron catafalque, olibanum zebub, Agharta lotus, polka factory, Aztec Malmsey, slumber urn, rabbit surname, adverb washboard, gray Zubenelg, Cthulhu chamber, cobweb paperclip, Dallas tsantsa, cryptic flesh, Algol tchukor, supreme chaos, hazaj expiry, sulfur dove, crystal mission, shawabty space, Cibola repentence, Ubar alumnus, oodoolay mine, mercury lair, satellite pain, ebbing vortex, taiga solitude, Turkish fez, mathematical goo, wyvern wage, forgotten image, dark ziggurat, cold threshold, tesseract magic, high amethyst, strength debacle, coded Stonehenge, Gunnison deep, coprolite ark, Esperanto sib, chrysalis goaf, gastropod need, difficulty call, Amontillado ubac, powerful lack, vermilion game, unknoweable all, Tsathoggua baobab, trilobite made, allotropic Babel

A & M Cyclery. (Read them all!)

" 'These poets have as much of our ordinary working-day brains as the rest of us; their meditations are as subtle, their philosophies no less, but no more, surely based – they remark what we do and turn it into rhythm. But the faculty of compressing such meaning into a phrase is denied to them. We have to cover as much ground in their verse as in our own thoughts, and consequently we tire as soon.' [--Charles Williams]

The penultimate sentence may merit the lash for irresponsibility. The final sentence, however, is an acute modernist caveat made by one who cannot have considered himself a member of that strange, abrupt Elect. It anticipates an overwhelming defect in the plethoric manners of the confessional mode, as much as it does the point-by-point didacticism of typical Movement verse." --Geoffrey Hill

In that thicket of bitter roots.

(possible frozen lake of nitrogen on pluto, via)



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