Monday, March 21, 2016

holocaust fly chute

(Saturn's moon Helene via @DrFunkySpoon)

Despair fatigue.

"The explainer class can't explain anything that's actually going on." --Bruce Sterling

Globalization and the avant-garde.

"The blind heads of worms, muscled out from their clinging arteries of mud metres below his feet, kept a breathless stillness, and the stalk eyes of snails swivelled into the scene." --The Vorrh


Is it any wonder we cannot escape the dynamics of group against group, founded as it is on the undeniably suasive mock of a separate, unitary self?


I MAKE my shroud, but no one knows—
So shimmering fine it is and fair,
With stitches set in even rows.
I make my shroud, but no one knows.

In door-way where the lilac blows,
5 Humming a little wandering air,
I make my shroud and no one knows,
So shimmering fine it is and fair."

--Adelaide Crapsey

BLND #23.



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