Friday, April 22, 2016


Louis Wain tattoos.

(in ecuador, via tom clark blog)

"When we listen like a mirror, present, with the mind thoughtless and calm, like the surface of a windless lake, another layer begins to emerge that really can only be described as indescribable. If music is created in this spirit, it will facilitate us passing through the mirror to the world of the double."

Writing a great poem is like getting struck by lightning. Most of the time you're just standing in a muddy field getting wet.


"Deadlines are like hot lava. They keep you moving forward but they make everything less fun." --@ThatDumbDude via @KameronHurley

"For the global middle classes, writing a book will increasingly become the equivalent of Victorian accomplishment culture–everyone, if you recall, had to be able to sing a bit, play an instrument, ride a horse, paint watercolours, whatever. The dancing masters & music teachers scraped a living out of it.."

Misangelance of the negative annunciation.

How can you just leave me standing?

feeling left out
seeking my own cancerdeath
my own bad ending

why do i think it's not here
on the way in good time
shadowing me in daylight

& in darkness
as if anyone were to be
left out

as if anyone were to be
left alone

Ani DiFranco: When Doves Cry.



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