Tuesday, June 07, 2016

oranges and lemons

"Birds and baboons have pride, perhaps; men may not have." --Fourth Mansions

Pink Freud covers Autechre.

"The disappearance of silence must be counted among the harbingers of the end." --Cioran

      "Sonnets to Chango: II."

Lies, but lies are spider's-nest to scorpio
whether pent in citadel or cubicle,
Moon Mansion's windows blown: the usual airt
a drea m of many funnels, strange allegiance,
Chango, though you natheless will subject
all things go smash to, & high pale oval
alone remains unscathed, absolute cleavage
unless you count the days when it was molten.
Waterloo brought on ourselves, Oedipus-noxious
poppylove. Exterminating angel
we never needed, now to you our homage
withhold, as we learn new desires of depth
caught up in the welter & the torsion.
Our lies against your puissance smack of alum.

The story of NWW List.



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