Monday, May 09, 2016

rib katniss. assassin takbir.

(Dorothy Lamour and Jiggs during filming of Her Jungle Love [1937] via @Ble6750)

Discovering Electronic Music. (via Colin Hinz)

"...the first motley, the first mottled-green clown suit, was a snake suit. We were the original humorists." --Fourth Mansions

The architecture of crisis.

"And every wind is wet with carillons" --Eileen Duggan

The particle at the end of the universe.

"A man has to use his eyes, Foley, even in the dark." --Fourth Mansions

The Choctaw word for 'tornado": mahli chito.

The Women Scholars in Islam.

Altair myrrh spiralling
seagull over the viaduct
sound of voices quarrelling
Altair myrrh spiralling
& wolves caroling
two pirate ships have docked
Altair myrrh spiralling
seagull over the viaduct

(via commondreams dot org via gwyneth's livejournal)

Marisol & others.

"There is a truism that things equal to the same thing are equal to each other, but this truism may not be true." --Fourth Mansions

"Meanwhile the peak oil movement hit its own peak between 2008 and 2010, and began skidding down the far side of its own Hubbert curve."

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