Monday, April 25, 2016

a hardener of suits

(via @Biffo183)

"The unheard drop of leaves furnishing the world" --Rosalie Moore

The privatization of hope.

Funnelclouds ring our horizon
Smileyface morons hold court
inbetween orange & white barrels weaving
Chased by the drone named
Open Your Eyes &

Sea of bad dreams without ending
Desert of senseless spillth
Inbetween orange & white barrels wending
Seeking the jackpot
Buying back all we've

Tossed on the waves of a wildfire
Lost in the stars is one stone
Inbetween orange & white barrels standing
Some of us crawl
Some of us not even that

"... the basic argument has been used by philosophers to attack not only moral realism but Platonism about mathematics, presentism about time, realist views of color perception, conservative accounts of ordinary objects, and on and on."

"The rite baptismal in the cleansing wave" --Hoole's Ariosto

(via Laura E Ostteen on Fb)

"stealing alms from a riddle of meager yards"



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