Tuesday, June 07, 2016

a coffee grimly hooks prows

"I actually believe that it's a healthy sign for a man to be clearly insane on one clear point; it gives him balance and otherwise keeps him sane." --Fourth Mansions

Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s.

     "Sonnets to Chango: VII."

Was never sure which one of us the scoundrel
betrayed most, the moon, the pyramid chamber
shark therapist climbing another octave
only to dive the harder, Chango: breadth
of vision is ev'rything. Hadito polka
meanwhile, so we prog recursive valve
this untimely ripped, three-sided album
with only a thorn to play it back, but nothing
will change & nothing can & that tang putrid
belongs to imagination's inkpen-hairpin
stink bomb. Here in Hiroshima kiln
our eyelids hold our eyes elective hostage.
Hubcap tumbling t'ward a further solstice
on this soft haierious road Palm Sunday zedonk.



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