Tuesday, September 06, 2016

weevil in the dight city

(via @ESA_Rosetta)

About Proxima b.

"Where birds like watchful clocks the noiseless date
And intercourse of times divide." --Henry Vaughan

Nonsense, its history.

"Bilaath, or Vilayet as it has otherwise been transcribed into English, derives from the Persian and Ottoman Turkish, in which the word meant governorate or district. In Bengali, the word is used to refer to Britain." --Zia Haiden Rahman, In the Light of What We Know (2014)

The Ripley Scroll.

"Odd, one fancies it, that we walking along the pavement of civilized life, should be perpetually summoning Orcus to our aid, for the sake of getting a clear course." --Meredith

Klimt and cat.

"Troy, the dust-crowned,


"Vegetarian Vampires" by Remedios Varo (via @liadearistegui)



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