Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ashgabat 23, 24

Wasted snudge, early in the stankface century,
fossicking proplyds for a speck of iron;
cars of kodokushi all environ
an open pit in the midst of the wax penitentiary.
LI NI’U LU’O swarms in my vetust half-bakery.

Still, by many tricks of the light I’m jazzed;
i want to watch it all go down, if razzed
by my sense of danger, most of the threat’s pure fakery
actually proffered: intellectual spinach
to shake it off, ten dark meridians west of Greenwich.

"It’s not a Thousand­ Year Reich we celebrate but an eternal Kingdom of Man Triumphant..."

Xagvar, dew-sparkle, anorexic image,
something that only happens to other people.
Hurling Slurpees from one opulent steeple
as if removed from this vast herpes scrimmage;
gerkamenknocken jabberwocky costs a bundle.

Lulz, though not by far dyvocla groovy,
totentanz, not only in a movie:
rickety boardwalk lit by wheelchair trundle
down to the edge, Charon of haggles serpentine
still we try our best to win: the smell of turpentine.

Subtext of kawaii. (thanx, Melanie!)



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