Monday, July 18, 2016

ashgabat 11, 12

(pic by camille rose garcia)

Kairos update, caught in aisling combat,
furnishes at once exquisite turmoil
& fragrance owing to dislustred sperm oil
got to have strong arms to wash a wombat.
As city air grows ever more divine mundungus

moons of Pluto wield quadruple indemnity
waiting triple digit advent solemnity.
Otherkin pledge allegiance to a fungus,
rantallion morning, later shrink to have
courtesy of, in time, some of that Raven Stone salve.

The return of Belly.

12. Lanugo anorexic vampire, humid
days, the death of a car thief, AWOL article,
masterpiece of despair, painted on particle
borderline between spongy & tumid
against decline, waging effervescent ritual

terroir of mines, itinerant humbugs iterate
as human godlings hasten to obliterate
anything here before yesterday, crime habitual
as mindless, & the lizard-head zither’s amoeba
player rebounds, lithe as the hands of the Queen of Sheba.

"He [Timur] was declared to have been not only a military genius, but a great chess player, and even the inventor of a game called Perfect Chess, played on a 110-square board. ...each player has, in addition to the standard pieces, two giraffes, two camels, two siege engines, and a vizier." --Elif Batuman, The Possessed (2010)



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